I bring powerful messages of ethics, effectiveness and efficiency in social media and Internet marketing to direct sales and other home-based entrepreneur audiences. My programs are high content and filled with actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

For companies who want to grow their bottom line, or for distributors and leaders who want to have more of an impact,  I offer programs based on years of hands-on experience.

I understand that you and your audience have a choice when it comes to hiring a speaker for your next event. What makes me different?

  • My experience   As a pioneer in using technology in the industry, I spent 12 years in the field. I’ve seen and done it all both online and in a traditional in-home party business, leading a large organization. I speak the language of direct sales, having taken the company to the Internet across the USA and rising through the ranks from Consultant to top Director to Corporate trainer, until leaving that company to operate independently as a social media speaker since 2009. If you are looking for a presenter who is not enrolled in or employed by any one direct selling company, I’d love to work with you.
  • My content – It’s simple, easy to implement and profit-producing, yet based on years of practical experience and continued study of social media and Internet marketing topics. I can help your representatives cut their learning curves through distilling just what’s important to them in their situation, target demographic and product line so that they can get down to business and get results. My content is customized with real examples that model appropriate and effective tactics.
  • My delivery – I’m fun and friendly and my enthusiasm and passion for the industry inspires people to make the most of their social media time. As someone who tends to bridge many age ranges, audiences find me relatable and they take my training to heart because I “get” them and their lifestyle as a home-based business owner. People trust that I have their interests at heart and are therefore eager to implement what I teach them. There’s no hype, just practical content based on someone who is a lot like them!
  • My professionalism – As a paid professional speaker, I pride myself in exceeding my clients’ expectations through timely and positive communication, flexibility and excellence on stage and behind the scenes. I carefully work with meeting planners to deliver the very best and most powerful program that will lead to measurable change. As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 2011, I hold myself to a high standard of enterprise, eloquence, expertise and ethics. I feel it is an honor to do what I do and take it very seriously.
  • My presence – I become part of your event–approachable and accessible. I will not simply arrive, “perform,” sell product, and leave. I enjoy being at your event and getting to know your representatives and corporate team. I truly love and support all those involved the industry and it shows! This builds trust and a sense of comfort from your audience when I ask them to look at technology in new and sometimes unfamiliar ways. 
  • My impact – I empower home based entrepreneurs to focus, to be more efficient and to get results fast using strategies and tactics they can immediately implement following–or sometimes during–your event. My emphasis is on inspiring direct sellers to truly connect with people online and then to continue relationship building in a combination of both new and traditional methods, not simply to collect people to sell to. 

My Business Presence

“With expertise in both social media and direct sales, Karen blends these two worlds beautifully with strategies that are both consumer and consultant focused.”
Lyn Poynter, L’BRI Pure ‘n’ Natural

“I only had 13 Likes on Facebook …. now I have over 100. After I tweaked my page from what I learned from you, and began to update it more often, the Likes  increased dramatically. I learned a lot!”
Shirley Lee, Shirley The Bag Lady

“I have already seen a difference since I began following your “rules” for social media. More in-home parties on my calendar as well as more followers on all of my pages. Amazing. Thanks so much!”
Kate Morgan, PartyLite Gifts, Independent Consultant and Team Leader
 My Business Presence

Where Has Karen Clark Presented Social Media Programs?

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I travel from the San Francisco Bay Area across the US and Internationally to bring my social media content to you. Some of my speaking engagements for direct sales companies and other organizations that serve entrepreneurs have brought me to many cities within California including several in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve also traveled to present keynotes in Las Vegas Nevada, Florida, Franklin Tennessee in the Nashville area, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Sioux Falls South Dakota and several cities in Texas such as Austin, Houston and Dallas. I enjoyed speaking in Toronto, Canada and I am currently seeking additional international professional speaking opportunities in Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Middle East. My dream has always been to make a difference globally in the direct selling profession. 

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Karen Clark

Karen Clark, Social Media Speaker. Headshot credit scottrklinephoto.comWhen she was an active direct sales leader, Karen Clark walked the walk as she sold, booked, and supported a team offline, while expanding her reach and service online. Now working with direct selling companies and their field representatives as a speaker and social media corporate consultant, Karen uses her 17 years' online marketing expertise to teach audiences exactly where, when, and how to establish an ethical and effective online presence with social media, while remaining true to their principles and personal business. Read more
Social Media for Direct Selling by Karen Clark

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Praise for Karen’s Training

"I was so impressed by the presentation you gave–the slides were well organized and effective; the training was on-point and succinct; and I loved the actionable content at the end! I'm looking forward to more of the same in your online courses!"
-Karen Cleveland

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