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10 Reasons You Should NEVER Buy Facebook Likes to Build Your Company’s Network

10 Reasons to NEVER Buy Facebook Likes to Build Your Company’s NetworkAs tempting as it may be for a newer company building a presence on Facebook to use a service that “guarantees” Facebook Page likes, don’t do it!

You may want to come out of the gate seeming like an established or popular company or opportunity, but what happens when you buy likes is just the opposite. Your Page not only may appear spammy, but on Facebook, purchased likes are extremely detrimental to your overall visibility and puts you into a cycle of always needing to pay more and more for visibility.

As I’ve said in almost all my trainings, social media is about connecting with people, not collecting people. If you are only looking at the number of likes/fans on your Page to measure it’s worth, you are not measuring it’s true value. Your Page’s true value is in creating a community of individuals who comment on, like, and share your content

Buying “likes” is never a good idea. Here’s why:

  1. Likes purchased from “click farms” are low-quality connections who almost never have an actual interest in your product or service. They are a waste of space.
  2. Often the likes you receive are from fake accounts, or accounts set up only for this purpose, and will never do more than like your page. It’s like having a huge Christmas card list you mail cards to, and no one ever opens them.
  3. Click farms often employ people from foreign countries who do not necessarily speak English. Even if they were individuals who might be interested, would they be able to read your content? Would you be able to deliver products/services to them? Don’t be fooled by the fake US addresses either.
  4. Since the likes are not authentic people interested in your product/service, the ratio of likes to engagement on your page will be extremely low which sends a signal to Facebook that your Page is low quality, uninteresting, or perhaps spam.
  5. Facebook will show your posts to even less people because of this, and you will find yourself needing to spend more money on boosting posts via paid ads to pay for visibility within Facebook.
  6. When someone who is actually interested in your product or service visits your page and sees an inflated number of likes but no engagement on the posts, there’s a perception that your Page is spammy. They wonder why no one is engaging – is anyone home? Is the Page automated? Will anyone even read my comment if I leave one?
  7. Likes that are purchased skew your analytics and makes it nearly impossible to track your social media success.
  8. Creating fake profiles violates Facebook’s Terms of Service. If Facebook determines that you are falsely collecting likes on your Page they may shut you down completely. Read more here.
  9. Many (if not all) of the purchased likes will eventually unlike your Page, which sends another negative signal to Facebook and to your “real” likes. This will further damage your Page’s visibility in the Newsfeed.
  10. It’s a waste of money. Take the same amount you’d spend on buying fake likes and use it in a highly targeted ad campaign and expose your business to people who will be excited to read your posts and share with their networks.

What can you do instead? Grow your Page organically by posting consistently compelling and interesting content. Run a contest or promotion that encourages existing likes to interact with your Page which exposes it to their network. Run a “like-gated” coupon campaign where visitors need to like your Page before receiving a discount code of freebie. Pay for Facebook Page Promotion Ads that are highly targeted by demographics and interests. But whatever you do, never buy Facebook likes! It’s not worth it.

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