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Following are some comments and feedback I’ve received from people who have attended my training, or hired me to speak at their event, or consulted with me.

“Karen joined us at our Leadership Conference in January 2016.  What a delight.  She instantly engaged with the Leaders in the hotel lobby,  gladly joined us for our opening and then lead us as our first keynote speaker. Oh my, the Leaders were on the edge of their seats taking in every word.  She is oh so relatable and makes an intimidating and somewhat daunting subject easy.  She started with an overview and then gave quick, simple and easy to do’s.  You could feel a breeze of relief as the Leaders heard how easy it is to leverage social media with your person to person business. She gave a succinct edict that is unforgettable an spot on, Connect with people, not collect people.”
Kim Marquette, Brand Director, DaySpring, for Mary & Martha

“Karen is so easy to worth with and offers a very collaborative approach to social media consulting. She welcomed our ideas but offered many of her own which have significantly increased the number of shares and reach of our online marketing efforts.  With expertise in both social media and direct sales, Karen blends these two worlds beautifully with strategies that are both consumer and consultant focused.  Karen was quick to learn our business model, and was a true partner to our team managing our day to day presence online.”
Lynn Poynter , VP of Communications , L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL

“Bedroom Kandi hired Karen Clark to do a series of training videos for our Consultants on social media marketing. It was important to us that our field of Consultants be trained in ethical social media marketing tactics that would positively reflect on our brand while helping our independent business owners grow their businesses. We appreciated Karen’s approach of emphasizing that social media marketing is about education and relationship building,  just as we promote in our person to person experiences. Our Consultants found Karen to be relatable, and her training informative. We were impressed with Karen’s professionalism, flexibility and generosity with her expertise! We look forward to working with Karen again in the future.”
Sheri Dever, Director Consultant Sales & Support, Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties

“Our organization was blessed to have Karen as our trainer on social media.  Her knowledge on Facebook and Twitter is astounding; not only did we learn the ‘how to’ but she also shared with us proper etiquette, techniques to build your business using social media, and security measures that most of us were not aware of!   She trained in a way that made it easy and fun!  After her training, we saw an increase in the number of Consultants using social media, and an increase in our own corporate fan page.  I would highly recommend Karen as a speaker and trainer on the use of social media for your business, and I look forward to having her train our Consultants, and us, again in the future!”
Jena Thompson, President & CEO Daisy Blue Naturals Albert Lea, MN

“Karen Clark was a dynamic presenter during one of our general sessions at our annual conference. She provided great training to our consultants on how to really use social media to build their business and to watch out for. Her trainings have helped our consultants to find that balance between social media and face to face communication resulting in a growing business.”
Patti Gardner, President, Heritage Makers, Utah

“We invited Karen to speak at our Direct Selling Edge Conference, an event held several times per year to educate new and young network marketing and party plan direct selling companies. Karen was an excellent speaker. Her content and delivery were equally stellar. Her topics were social media profiles and how to use social media to grow your company. We look forward to Karen’s participation at our next event.”
Jay Leisner, President, Sylvina Consulting, Portland, OR

“Thanks so much for speaking to the Petaluma Chamber Women in Business breakfast this morning. Karen, I know each participant left with valuable nuggets they can use right away to integrate social media into their businesses. Your information was simple to grasp, and you presented it in a fun and entertaining way that helps turn social media from daunting to do-able.”
Laurie Cameron, WAKE UP!, Petaluma, CA

“Thank you Karen for a great day! The RazzMaTazz Sales Organization sure does appreciate your effective, ethical and empowering online presence training! Your style of teaching, supported with resources, tools and the simple handout was fabulous! Looking forward to more time with you again! You are awesome!”
Stephanie Garber, Independent Tupperware 5 Star Director, Rocklin, CA

“Karen over delivers! She is a true master of her topic. She is the real deal social media expert!”
Connie Clark, Author Joy After Fifty, Sausalito, CA

“Karen’s a great presenter with a lot to share – time very well spent!”
Gordon Burgett,, Novato, CA

“Karen’s presentation was very easy to absorb. The handouts included relevant link information. For the first time I was able to understand how and why to use bogs, Twitter, Facebook Pages and especially LinkedIn. Although there was a lot of information, Karen was able to impart it in a clear and concise manner. I am now encouraged to try out at least one new social media site and improve those I have but don’t use!”
Joanne Bolton, Bolton Associates Inc: Fine Printing Services, San Rafael, CA

“Karen knows her technology. She can and does answer all questions. Will help you build your confidence as well as your business!”
Kay Mehl Miller, Author Living with the Stranger in Me: An Exploration of Aging, and Talking It Over: Understanding Sexual Diversity, San Francisco Bay Area

“I really feel like I can go to the next level now with my business online thanks to the training last night. Karen is easy to follow and shares so much information to really make a difference in your success in making that next move to grow your business with the tools from the Internet and Online communications. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us last night.”
Pamela McClammy, Direct Selling Professional, Sacramento, CA

“Karen is well versed and slices through to the very core, presenting in a way that is easy to follow.”
Astrid Berg, Web Designer, Writing Coach & Editor, Sonoma County, CA

“Great information about using social media and NOT becoming overwhelmed!”
Arlene Miller, Author of The Best Little Grammar Book Ever: 101 Ways to Impress With Your Writing and Speaking

Karen is so knowledgeable, articulate, and clear! A wealth of information for everything you need to know to webify your book!”
Susan Kirsch, Author Simply Go*d: Praise Poems Celebrating the Divine in Daily Life, Marin County, CA

“It’s always such a joy to learn from you. You’re patient, gracious, and very understandable. You explain things so well and when we don’t quiet get it, you change the wording so we hear it a different way. Thanks Karen!”
April Dabel Passion Parties Sebastopol, CA

“Karen is very clear and empathetic in her presentation. She inspires confidence that you can learn and “DO” this new thing!”
Ken Kappel Use Foreclosure Law Sonoma County, CA

“Karen is DYNAMIC as a speaker on social media!”
Jennifer Alexander Alexander and Associates Petaluma, CA

“Karen is very knowledgeable and concise about social media. Her presentation is very informative. I recommend her class to all who want to be informed about social media and how to best use it.”
Paula Cottom Precision K-9 Bedbug Detection Service Marin County, CA

“Your kindness and your desire to share information really comes across in your presentations. Thank you.”
Christeen Fischer, Doorways to Tarot, Healdsburg, CA

“Karen has the amazing ability to break some very complex tasks down to basic steps that are easy to follow.”
Ruth Schwartz, The Wonderlady Book Midwife, Novato, CA

“Great to meet you at the Social Biz event on Friday. Karen, you are Top-Notch!! Hands down your class was my favorite! Your energy and quick response to questions made the perfect platform to cover a lot of ground. You gave a social network newbie solid ‘easy to use’ advice that can make a direct impact in 10 minutes a day. Please keep me informed for future classes, you are well worth the drive!
Sandra Hanestworth, Connect You Two, San Francisco Bay Area

“Karen simply rocks! She is a master at creating ‘something from nothing’. She is upbeat, hilarious, extremely knowledgeable, has the patience of a saint and is full of brilliant business ideas. Working with Karen is like having a business coach in your pocket. She gently pried my eyes open to see this era of ‘ON LINE’. She not only provides stellar service but continues to over deliver. What’s not to love there?”
Wendy Simone, Owner, Simone Salon, Sebastopol CA

As a Speaker and Trainer Karen brings humor to her audience while she shares her knowledge and builds the skills of others in the direct selling industry. I have worked with Karen Clark as a co-presenter. I have been a member of her audience. As a company executive I have used her as a Speaker/Trainer. I have recommended Karen to those companies whom, as a Business Consultant, I advise.  Karen Clark is a “must-have” addition to a national convention, regional conference, or leadership retreat.
Linda D. Lucas, President Allura Designs Maple Grove, MN

“Karen is a fun and energetic speaker. I always enjoy hearing her speak and value her expertise.”
Vickie Bermea lia sophia Gilroy, CA

“Karen offers a great training for those who are lost in the Twitter and Facebook world!”
CC Marsh Thirty-One Salinas, CA

“These Internet sites don’t seem so scary. I will now try them!”
Margot Tankersley Beauticontrol Hollister, CA

“Karen Clark of My Business Presence, infuses her classes with enthusiasm and a wealth of information that can be applied right away to help you grow your business online.  Karen’s Overview class on SEO, blogging, and social media provides real food for thought. ‘The key to having a service minded attitude is asking yourself how can I provide value for people?'”
Kathy Lee, ONEGroup/MiEssence Sonoma, CA

“The information was provided in a fun and enthusiastic fashion that helps me remember and makes the best use of the content. I am impressed with Karen’s knowledge and passion in teaching us to expand our business presence on the internet.”
Ken Norton, Norton and Holtz Business Solutions Santa Rosa, CA

“Very informative, got an excellent overview and tips on creating an online presence. I highly recommend it.”
Leslie Moore Color and Light Interiors Austin, TX

“Learning about blogging as opened my eyes to more potential for our business. All business people/owners need this information which is given in a simple yet understandable format.
Elaine B. Holtz Norton and Holtz Business Solutions Santa Rosa, CA

“Karen has helped me so much on the computer. I couldn’t find anything and she would walk me through so I could understand what I was trying to do!”
Joyce LaPierre Celebrating Home Napa, CA

“It is great having hands-on training. Slowly but surely it is beginning to make sense!”
Amy Schulze Nikken Santa Rosa, CA

“Your class is so rich in valuable content and in quick-to-use bites. I’m going to do this and sign up for your classes and keep myself on track!”
Cindy Sakai Th!nk, LLC Honolulu, HI

“Helped me get into Facebook – next, blogging! You answered so many questions!”
Chris Eberle Discovery Toys Santa Rosa, CA

“Words cannot describe Karen’s willingness to share her unbelievable knowledge in the technology side of business practices. I really appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and she always finds a way to answer it in a language I can understand.  How much information can be stored in one brain? Karen far exceeded all my expectations with her knowledge in ALL aspects of an online presence and internet applications. I learned so much in such a short amount of time! Karen provided easy to follow handouts which are invaluable. I can’t wait until her next class, because I know the content she will share will be worth far beyond the small financial investment charged.”
Peggy Miller Tastefully Simple Windsor, CA

“If you and your colleagues would love to have some great advice and practical ideas for maximizing your online presence, then you need Karen Clark. She gave a fun, informative, talk to our Direct Selling Women’s Alliance group and everyone was thrilled. She gave tips and hints on how to get the most from your Facebook, Twitter, Blog or other social media that you really want to know. She is fun and answered all the questions, which were many, and I highly recommend her and her new website also.” October 2, 2009
Meredith Yost
WineShop at Home, Sunnyvale, CA

“Karen is very knowledgeable on how to create an effective online presence. Her teaching is explained in an easy to understand format that even the most inexperienced computer person can grasp. Most important, she has a willingness to share with other direct sellers.”
Tina Oscar
, Tupperware, Florida

“Karen worked with me on learning some of the ins-and-outs of Social Networking online. She is detail-oriented, friendly, fun and extremely knowledgeable in all of the areas that she coached me in — she is awesome! I look forward to continuing our relationship.”
Terri Wickwire
Arbonne International, Petaluma, CA

“Karen is an excellent leader and trainer. Her experience and personality make her a dynamic teacher. She is dependable and helpful. I highly recommend her.”
Lois Graham
, Story Time Felts, North Carolina

“Karen knows so much about building a business presence on the internet. She has built her own business up from nothing into a very profitable online business and is now sharing her knowledge with others. I always know that if Karen recommends using or not using something, it is for a good reason. I highly recommend Karen and My Business Presence for everyone!”
Awnya Boam
, Story time Felts Utah

“Karen and I are both Indep. Consultants for Story Time Felts. She has been a great mentor for me and many others. She provides weekly online chats that are directed at improving your home business. She has creative and innovative ideas for promoting your Story Time Felts home business. Karen also has an excellent understanding of the STF products and the educational value of using them with children. She also has shared creative and fun applications of many of the felt sets. I highly recommend working with or buying from Karen Clark.”
Tammy Lessick
, Owner, LearningFelt

“Karen always has so much useful and practical information that always helps me move forward in marketing my business.”
Maggie Roberge, Essential Bodywear Representative, Silicon Valley, CA

“Karen is a fun, enthusiastic teacher who hits on all the points and tips I really needed to know about Facebook. She answered the questions we had easily and quickly.”
Meredith Yost,
Sr Wine Consultant, WineShop at Home, Sunnyvale, CA

“Thank you so much for your Facebook training. This night was more educational and productive than a whole day at home!”
Maurine Xavier, Isagenix Consultant, San Jose, CA

“Thank you Karen! You make it so easy to understand! I learned a lot!”
Ellen Hovey, Independent Discovery Toys Team Leader, San Francisco Bay Area

I currently do not have a Facebook page, but I will set one up now, with more understanding! Thank you!
Lori LeValley, The Pampered Chef, Milpitas, CA

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