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Advanced Facebook Fan Page Resources

Warning – not for the faint of heart or new to intermediate Fan Page user! If you’ve been through my beginner and intermediate class, read on! 🙂

To customize unique tabs on your Facebook Fan Page, use the Static FBML Application:!/apps/application.php?id=4949752878&ref=ts

Under its logo click Add to Page then select your Fan Page.

Visit your Fan Page, and under your picture/logo click on Edit Page. From the list of items on the next panel, find the FBML-FBML section and click Edit. This will bring you to a blank box with the title FBML. Change the title to whatever you would like your new tab called, and then insert either FBML code or plain HTML code into the box. I have some basic HTML commands on a blog post here:

To create multiple FBML tabs, while you are editing one of them, go to the bottom left and click Add Another FBML Tab, and you will be able to add up to 10 unique pages.

You can also use an HTML editor to create something you would like the way you would like it to look. I personally use Dreamweaver website creation program but that is typically too pricey and complicated for non web designers. Try using something like or do a search for HTML Editor. You may even  have something on your computer already. Just make sure that you are using plain text HTML. One particular problem with many text editors (like Word – do not use it unless you can convert to plain text only) will use “smart quotes” or “curly quotes” which do not work in FBML tabs. FBML needs all quotation marks within the code to be completely straight. If you have HTML you are using that isn’t working – check your quotes!  Another thing to remember is that if you are using a web page creator, only copy and paste the code BETWEEN the <body> and </body> tags. Everything before and after and including those tags will cause your code to not work. If you have any trouble or need me to double check your code, let me know!

Most of the time you will need the file URL of any images you are using on your fan page. This will be or something like that. If you have images you want to use on another web page of your own (do not lift off of others!) then you can usually right-click on the image, View Image to get the file URL or Copy Image Location, then paste that file URL.

If you do not have access to the image already hosted on one of your sites, upload it to a site like or http://www.imageshack.comI Sign up for one of their free accounts, upload your image, and then find the Share Image section, which will give you either the embedding code which usually works, or the file URL.

If you would like to capture your Fans’ email addresses, you can create a new Static FBML page and copy/paste your email newsletter provider’s website html code and make it work. For mine, I use MailChimp: There is a place to create a “Small Form for Website” which fits fine. Just make sure you check off the box that says to add a non-javascript form.

For a Contact Page where your fans can ask you a question or send you feedback that arrives by email, I use Freedback by This is free if you do not mind your visitors having to see some ads, or you can pay a small fee to get a form ad-free. You will be given the html code to paste into an FBML tab.

If you would like to collect money for services or products on an FBML tab, you can do so using a free shopping cart I have use for years: This is not actually a shopping cart system as it is a way to add code for an “add to cart” button wherever you would like one, and clicking on it leads to the mals-e page that you are able to customize. The transaction then takes place on the mals-e secure servers and integrates with either Paypal or a merchant account, or you can even tell them to send a check if you prefer. Some people have also been able to simply get Paypal buttons from Paypal and paste the code into their FBML pages but I use mals-e. It emails me when I have an order and then I log in to get the credit card information or it confirms that it has been paid through paypal.

Networked Blogs is my preferred application for importing your blog posts into your Fan Page or personal Profile page. You can sign up for it here:

To tie your Fan Page to your Twitter account, go to This will send anything you post to your Fan Page over to your Twitter account, truncating it to 140 characters including a link back to your Fan Page for them to read the rest.

And finally, to manage all of your online presence tasks, consider using an integration tool such as HootSuite: This allows you to access all of your accounts from one screen – Facebook Profile, Fan Pages, Twitter, Linked In – and monitor for replies. It also lets you monitor any keywords or search terms you wish, as well as schedule some non-conversational posts in advance. This is handy if you will be away from the computer or out of town.

Have fun and let me know if you need any help!

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  1. Awnya Boam
    Follow me on Twitter: time4felt
    on July 13, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Thanks for this wonderful article, Karen! I spent hours the other night trying to figure this out and was hitting a wall. I just finished creating my new tab in 3 minutes….now to tweak it ;o)

    As always, your information is useful, easy, and right on the money!

    thanks again!

    • Karen
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on July 13, 2010 at 10:16 am

      You’re welcome Awnya! This was part of a handout from my Advanced class but the information was too good to keep to myself!! Glad it helped! I know how frustrating this stuff can be!

  2. Emily on August 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Hi Karen,
    Just wanted to say how fab your posts are! You really decode the mystery of FBML, thank you!

  3. Janette Stoll
    Follow me on Twitter: janettestoll
    on August 20, 2010 at 3:53 am

    Wow, awesome tips Karen!! I tried using Hootsuite but just wasn’t getting it. I find Tweetdeck really easy to use :).


    • Karen
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on August 20, 2010 at 6:02 am

      With Tweetdeck you cannot post to Fan Pages, or to LinkedIn, and you cannot schedule broadcast posts in advance – unless something has changed. Hootsuite does all that so if you had to pick one…! I vote for Hootsuite. 🙂 Maybe I should make a little video, I know it is confusing to other people too.

  4. Alicia Etscorn on October 8, 2010 at 1:39 am

    We’re trying to update our facebook page with more exciting tabs. I’m using the Static FBML but I need to put a pdf on the tab. Is there a way to do this? Or should I try something else?


    • Karen
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on October 8, 2010 at 5:05 am

      Hi Alicia – If you want it on a tab with other stuff, the easiest would be to make an image of it (screen shot shrunk down?) and then link that to the URL of wherever you can host it (web space, google docs maybe?) but what I would do is use the PDF App from You will get a premade PDF tab. If you go to my Fan Page and click on the arrows you can get to mine: Just another idea!

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