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When a Direct Selling Company Closes, Don’t Be an Online Vulture

Don't be a vulture when a direct selling company closes

If you are in direct sales you have more than likely seen some companies come, and some companies go. Today I heard of a long standing and well respected company closing its doors for good and I was, like many of us in the industry, deeply saddened.

When this happens it is almost like a death in the family even for those of us not directly involved in the company. Like a death, it reminds us of our mortality and makes everyone think, could it happen to me, too? And the worst part of it is watching the predators swoop in!

When I was growing up I was taught that one should never profit from another’s misfortune. When you see someone suffering, you extend a hand in service and lift them up. You don’t push them down further, or ask them to do something for YOU.

This behavior is deplorable but yet every time a company closes, representatives from other direct selling companies disregard the sadness and suffering the consultants are feeling–they just lost their sisterhood, their livelihood, their teams and their joy–and push their opportunity on them, as if they were fresh meat to scavenge.

If you are building your online presence correctly, you have many doorways into your business and you have connections to people who know you, like you, and trust you. If you approach your business as one of service and integrity, the right people will find you when the time is right.

Perhaps they already have considered your opportunity as their Plan B because they will have admired you and how you conduct yourself online or they have watched what a difference your product or opportunity has made for you and your family.

Be there for them. Answer any questions they may have, but do not swoop in with how awesome your comp plan is, or with a special offer if they join your company, or how blessed you are to be with a company who doesn’t have X, Y, or Z issue like theirs did.

  • Are you findable in social media? If someone were to search for your opportunity in their area, can they find you?
  • Do you have a presence in the places where people might be going when they want to research new opportunities?
  • Does your online presence speak to your personality, your leadership, and your desire to teach and inspire others?
  • Or are your social accounts only a reflection of what you hope to get, not to give?
  • Does your social media presence make me want to do business with you, to join your team, to make your direct selling company my new family?

Starting a new direct selling business after your company has closed requires doing a lot of research as well as learning to trust, building rapport with the right leader, and taking a giant leap of faith. Will you be there for those who need you to lift them up in support? Or will you be first in line to take advantage of the situation?

When consultants from various direct selling companies act like vultures swooping in on fresh meat, it hurts the representatives from the company that is closing, and it damages the reputation of our industry since it is done so publicly through social media. Give the consultants time to grieve and those who are ready to find you, will.

My heart goes out to all the direct selling representatives who have lost their home.  My wish is that you find a new opportunity that serves you and your family well over time and brings you joy!

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