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Live Stream, BeLive and Facebook Live Topic Ideas for Direct Sales Leaders

Going on Facebook LiveI thought I’d pass along some ideas I have for how direct sellers specifically might consider using live video!

BeLive in TalkShow format is my favorite and since can be a multi-camera video chat, it really lends itself toward collaborative and conversational “events” online that are social in nature and are public. You can use it to train, discuss, demonstrate, interview, and more. Most live streaming apps on the other hand only show your own camera, so you will need to be a bit more creative for some of these ideas.

Here are some things to try if you are a leader and decide to start hosting your own live shows:

  • Online Parties: Consultant and Host are on screen, and guests can come on with questions or to play games. Or, you as the Consultant can be on screen and the Host and her guests can chime in on the comments. Demonstrate and carry out your party similarly to an in-home experience. You can post these on your business page or in a linked group.
  • Opportunity Events/Career Day: Invite your team to invite their prospects who then ask questions about the business. Share the benefits of joining, some company history, your “why stories.”
  • Team Meetings: Offer brief training and recognition. Allow your followers and prospects to come in for a “sneak peek” to see what your team culture is like.  If you are using BeLive Talk Show, assign roles to team members such as announcements, note taking, door prize drawing. Allow your followers and prospects to come in for a “sneak peek” to see what your team culture is like.
  • Monthly Recognition: Meet on your broadcast to announce your top achievers. Give them a few minutes in the spotlight to come on live and share how they met their goals.
  • Open Q/A: Conduct a general “town hall” type show where customers and the public can ask questions about your product or opportunity.
  • Unboxing New Product: When there’s a new product launch, unbox your new stash live online! Invite team members to come on with you then everyone can share what they love most.
  • Demonstrate Product: Teach people how to use your product. Have customers or team members come on and show what they have while you explain features/benefits and how-tos.
  • Work at Home Biz Chat: Conduct a generic chat about working from home – strategies, tips, suggestions. Let others chime in or ask questions and learn about your business via your link.
  • Hot Seat Coaching: Have new team members come on for some live coaching from you. Model for others how to coach their new consultants while showing others the support you offer. On BeLive this could be “face to face” but on Facebook Live your team member would need to interact via the comments.
  • Top Tips: Have a list of lesser known tips and tricks for using your product. Invite others to come on screen and share their tips too.
  • Website Tour: Show people how to navigate your website, the various categories of products you offer, opportunities to book and join, then take questions. On BeLive you can screen share. On other platforms you can simply point the camera to your computer while you talk.
  • Interview Industry Experts:  Elevate your own reputation by hosting interviews with speakers, trainers and authors in the direct sales industry.
  • Interview Leaders: Select leaders from your team or company and interview them about an area in which they excel, or a strategy they’ve used that works.
  • Book Talk: Discuss a book that has helped you in your business. Bring on others who have read it as well, and share your favorite parts.
  • Company Announcements: Explain company announcements, contests, policy changes, and other news. Take questions and discuss or jot them down to find out more from the home office.
  • Trivia Contests: Play a trivia game with your team about your company/products. Tally points and do a giveaway for the winner.
  • Fundraising Live-athon: If your company has a cause or charity it supports, have a show where you discuss that cause. Interview people affected by it and brainstorm ways to help and encourage purchases or donations.
  • Event Coverage: Live stream your conference, retreats, summits and other events via the smart phone apps. Stop and interview people to ask what they’ve learned or have team members join in on their own phones.

What other ideas can you think of that would work for direct sales leaders using live video? Share them in the comments!

Until next time,

Karen Clark

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  1. Leslie Walters on October 19, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    I often struggle with coming up with fresh content for Periscope. Thank you so much for the ideas! @mompreneur_life

    • Karen Clark
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on October 25, 2015 at 5:23 pm

      Great I am glad it was helpful! I will have to follow you now to hold you accountable! 🙂

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