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Productive Learning and Leisure - 20th Anniversary SpecialHi everyone! Some of you know that besides helping others build their online presence, I place a very high value on personal presence, family presence, community presence and overall professional presence. Growing as a whole person is important to me so I wanted to let you know about a company that has had an impact on me.

How many companies do you know that have been in business for over 20 years with clients that have been with them since day one? Who do you know that is living the life of their dreams, excited to start each day because of all the possibilities it holds.

The dynamic personal development seminar company that I recommend, Productive Learning & Leisure, is celebrating 20 years in business this month and I am thrilled to pass on an opportunity to you that they shared with me.

Productive Learning & Leisure helps people live the life they truly want by providing life-altering experiences so that they can uncover the thinking that is holding them back. I have been working with this unique company for several years and have seen incredible results in my life. Just a week ago I made a huge shift in my mindset that is already impacting my personal life and business in ways I’d never dreamed.

You may have been following my journey as I grow this business – much of the success and growth I’ve experienced is directly related to my work with Productive Learning & Leisure, and in particular their Northern California trainers and coaches Betty Jo Waxman and Cassie McDowell.

They have two foundational workshops that are remarkable (both of which I have taken).  Beyond Reasons and The Mind In Business helped me to see the many ways I held myself back and actually got in the own way of my own success both in business and in my personal life.

In honor of their 20 year celebration, Productive Learning & Leisure is extending a tremendous opportunity to the people I know, like and trust.

Get 2 seats for a total of $200 (a $1,500 value) in either Beyond Reasons or Mind In Business

You can participate in one of these life-changing workshops and bring someone with you for ONLY $200 total! I highly recommend both of these experiences.  Take your spouse or a good friend and they will thank you!

If you have any questions or are ready to register you can call them at (949) 234-0625 or email This opportunity ends August 17th so please contact them as soon as you can to reserve your seats. I have listed the dates below.

There is NO REASON not to. They guarantee their work 100% and I endorse it fully.

Again, I personally have found these courses incredibly valuable and have recommended them to many of my own family, friends and colleagues.  I am now giving you that same opportunity.

May we all experience long lasting success!

They hold sessions in both Northern and Southern California:

Choose the workshop and dates that work best for you:

“Beyond Reasons” Identify the thinking that is holding you back from having the life you truly want.  You will walk away with a clearer understanding of your “reasons,” how they get in your way and what you can do to move beyond them.  Imagine having what you want in your life, whether that be deeper relationships, more free time, healthier lifestyle, more financial success, fulfilling work…is all that worth a deeper look?

“The Mind in Business”

Do you own a business or make your money through sales? Do you ever feel like your business is running you? Many of us see that our business could be producing more and are ready to make that happen. In a small group setting explore in depth how your mind operates in your business and walk away with personalized action steps to maximize opportunities.

Northern California:

“Beyond Reasons”

Saturday and Sunday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Either September 29 & 30 in South San Francisco

Or November 3 &4 in South San Francisco

“The Mind in Business” 5 Sessions, 10:00AM to 1:00PM

Either September 11 – October 9, (Tuesdays) in Petaluma

Or January 30 – February 27, 2013 (Wednesdays) in Walnut Creek

Southern California:

“Beyond Reasons” Saturday and Sunday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Either September 15 & 16 in Capistrano Beach

Or November 3 &4 in Capistrano Beach

“The Mind in Business” 5 Sessions, 10:00AM to 1:00PM

October 9, 2012 – Nov 6 (Tuesdays) in Capistrano Beach

Either course is on sale for only $200 for 2 people. If you have any questions or are ready to register you can call them at (949) 234-0625 or email This opportunity ends August 17th so please contact them as soon as you can to reserve your seats.

Let me know if you go and what you thought. I can’t tell you too much about them because it will ruin the surprise but I’d LOVE to dish afterwards!! hehe I’m so excited for you!

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