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Coming Up with Social Media Post Ideas

This “blab” was recorded on November 6th. What ideas would you add? Leave them in the comments below!



Show Notes:

Facebook’s post where they found people are more tolerant of sponsored posts vs. non-sponsored promotional content. There are several other articles/commentary about this out on the web too.

Lisa Larter: Business coach I love! Suggested thinking of your 5 main categories, and within those, come up with 5 topics you can write about.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: To research words and phrases or questions that are most searched on.

Prior Blab about using images legally (with show notes listing resources for images that are legal)

Klout’s “Explore” tab for ideas of posts to share.

Flipboard: To curate articles to post based on topics you are interested in Another way to curate and aggregate content to repost and also share with its own social network. Another aggregation site.

My list of 50 Ideas of What to Post (requires opt-in)

10 questions: Excerpt from my upcoming book, Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives:

It is recommended that when marketing your business in social media, to not post primarily promotional messages such as “buy my product” every day. This offends your audience and gives them a sense that you are only there to “get” and not to “give” or be social.

Consumers respond best when your social media posts–business or personal–are useful and relevant to them in some way, whether or not they do business with you as a result. As they get to know you more through your posts, and come to understand that you care about them, interact, and want to provide useful content, they start to look forward to your posts. When trust and rapport are well established, they are more likely to purchase, join or send a referral your way.

However, for most of us, this presents a challenge in developing posts on a regular basis that are compelling and engaging. We are faced with striking a balance between personal sharing and business promotion, while allowing a sense of both privacy and authenticity at the same time. How can we decide what to post to be of service and truly engage with our readers, while at the same time building our businesses?

Here are 10 questions to keep in mind when considering content to post or share when using social media marketing:

  1. What is your personal persona or avatar? If someone were to ask another person what you are like, what would they say?
  2. What is your business persona or avatar? What comes to mind for others when they think of your business or describe you as a representative of that company to others?
  3. What are your 5 core personal values that you wish to uphold and exemplify in your day to day living? 
  4. What are 5 core business values that form the backbone of your business as an entrepreneur ?
  5. What are 5-10 challenges that your ideal customer or prospect face for which you might have a solution?
  6. What is the level of importance or priority they would place on overcoming these challenges?
  7. What, related to your customers’ challenges, are topics they can learn about on their own, or with minimal guidance, in some way?
  8. Which of your customers’ challenges are areas that you, your product or your opportunity can “fix” for them?
  9. What are the obstacles, objections, or push-back that you or your customers might encounter when attempting to solve their problems?
  10. What are 5-10 resources you have at your disposal to refer to or share with your customers or prospects?

By answering these questions, you will be able to consider topics of relevance and interest that your readers appreciate and are more likely to engage with. Then ask yourself, does the content you are about to send reflect well on your own values and business goals? When you have congruence, your voice in social media will stand out, support your business, and get results!

My What is a Poke video (It’s terrible but was very popular 5 years ago!)

Hootsuite: For “listening” to keywords or phrases sorted by streams that are easy to track.

Google Alerts: Subscribe to a digest of new blog posts or articles/websites about your topics


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