Converting Your Facebook Profile to the New Timeline Layout

You may have visited the Facebook profiles of your friends and noticed that some look different now! Facebook is rolling out a new layout for profile pages (and some say for business pages coming next) and you have the opportunity to get it early and play with it before it is forced on you.

The following video explains how to convert your regular Facebook profile to the new Timeline layout if you wish. Once you have activated the Timeline you have 7 days to play with it before it goes live to your friends – or you can click on a Publish button to force it to go live early.

I have to say that after some initial resistance (it is SO busy-looking) I am really liking this new format. I especially like visiting friends’ Timelines and browsing through their past posts and photos. It makes it easy to catch up with old friends or see what you’ve missed if you didn’t catch all their posts in your News Feeds. What do you think? Leave us your thoughts in the comments area!

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