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Core Values for Business

One of the things I love about being involved in the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance is their core values. I strive to live these values in my own life and my business, as well as a few others that are important to me personally. Have you examined what is important to you? Write down your core values and place them on a stickee note you can see while you work. When making decisions about your business, who to spend time with, what to focus on, ask yourself if the task will support any of your core values in helping you reach your goals? Does this person embody similar values? Am I being true to my values if I do this?

The main 5 the DSWA embodies are:

TRUST: To have faith, confidence and belief in someone else.
RESPECT: I call this the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated (or how they’d like to be treated!)
SERVICE: By helping others, we grow in leadership and and are blessed with abundance.
INTEGRITY: When your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. Keep agreements with yourself and others.
AUTHENTICITY:  Be yourself!  Your unique, natural, genuine and honest YOU!

Some other values that are personally important to me are (but not limited to these!):

  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Family
  • Learning/Teaching
  • Excellence

What about you? To spur your thinking on this, here is a list of some of the most common values people hold dear. Leave a comment to share your thoughts on this!

Accessibility Faith Money Self-reliance
Accomplishment Fame Non-violence Seriousness
Accountability Family Nurturing Service
Accuracy Fate Openness Sexuality
Achievement Fitness Opportunity Simplicity
Adventure Flair Optimism Sincerity
Aspiration Force Patriotism Skill
Attitude Freedom Peace Solidarity
Authenticity Free will Perfection Speed
Authority Fun Performance Spirit-in-life
Autonomy Generosity Persistence Stability
Beauty Giving/charity Personal growth Standardization
Challenge Global view Philosophy Status
Change Goodness Pioneer spirit Strength
Chastity/Purity Gratitude Pleasure Style
Cleanliness Hard work Popularity Success
Collaboration Harmony Positive attitude Support
Commitment Heroism Power Systemization
Communication Heritage Practicality Teamwork
Community Honesty Preservation Tolerance
Competence Honor Prestige Tradition
Competition Hope Pride Tranquility
Concern Humor Privacy Trust
Conformity Inclusiveness Prosperity/wealth Truth
Courage Influence Punctuality Utility
Conviction Inner peace Purity Variety
Cooperation Innovation Quality Well-being
Creativity Improvement Rationality Wellness
Customer Integrity Recognition Wisdom
Decisiveness Intuition Regularity
Democracy Involvement Rehabilitation
Determination Joy Reliability
Discipline Justice Resourcefulness
Discovery Knowledge Respect
Diversity Leadership Responsibility
Duty Learning Responsiveness
Education Leisure Results-oriented
Efficiency Love-romance Risk-taking
Empowerment Love-care Rootedness
Equality Love-concern Rule of law
Excellence Loyalty Safety
Experience Meaning Satisfying others
Expression Merit Security
Fairness Mobility Selfishness
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