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Create a Facebook Ad for Your Direct Selling Company

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In recent months it has become clear that in order to reach the people you want to find out about your company, you will need to “pay to play” on Facebook. This is not to say that you cannot accomplish a LOT through organic methods – posting compelling content, interacting consistently, and using a variety of media, for example. However, if you are a new company or in the midst of trying to build your “fan base” or expand your reach, a simple and affordable Facebook ad can make a difference and give you an extra edge over the organic results.

Some of the most popular ways to use Facebook ads are:

    1. Page Like Ads – to advertise the Page itself, to get more people who “like” the Page
    2. Post Engagement Ads – to increase the likes, comments and shares of an individual status update, picture, video, or link
    3. Website Conversion Ads – include a call to action button that leads to your website such as “Sign up!”

The beauty of using Facebook ads, whichever the type, is the availability of targeting your audience. Once you have decided on an objective, you will be walked through the process of adding images and text to your ad, and then choosing your target demographic.

For example you might choose to display your ad only to married women between 35 and 55 who live in the United States. But you can also target your ad to those women who also have an interest in sales, home-based businesses, jewelry, cooking, fashion, or whichever interest your ideal prospect might have. You can even target your ad to someone who “likes” a business that serves a similar demographic (tho I would not recommend targeting fans of a direct competitor.)

Facebook will then only show your ad to people who fit that criteria and you only pay for clicks. The more narrow  your demographic, the smaller the pool of Facebook users who might see your ad, but the more highly qualified they are when they do.

If you are considering a Facebook ad campaign, contact me if you would like me to help set it up. Your budget can start anywhere from $5/day for a week up to $100s per day ongoing. You can try it out for a short time, then pause the ad until you are ready to restart it. Try creating one for a specific campaign or at the start of the month, and do another one the next month. The flexibility of Facebook ads is tremendous.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been saving images of some direct selling companies who are using paid Facebook advertising, and I thought I’d share them here to give you an idea of what you can do, too.
Page Like Facebook Ad Examples:
Note that I am not promoting these companies – these are simply examples I collected while browsing Facebook over the last couple weeks.



Post Engagement Facebook Ad Examples:




Website Conversion Facebook Ad Examples:




Have you been using Facebook ads in  your company? What objectives have you chosen, and how were the results? I am eager to hear from you in the comments! Contact me for help starting your own Facebook ads!

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