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Create a Library of Resources on your Facebook Photo Tab

If you are like most people marketing on Facebook today, you will often add an image to your posts to make it more visually appealing, and also because image posts tend to get more organic “reach” within Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. By default, your image posts go into an album called either “Timeline Photos” if you post them from the computer, or Mobile Uploads if you post them from your smartphone app.

However, you can move them to other albums – and create them as needed – which can make your Photos tab a library of resources for your readers based on topic!

Resource Library on Karen Clark's Facebook Page


To do this simply visit your Photos tab. You may have to click More at the end of your white tabs under your Cover image.

Find Your Photos Tab on Facebook

Then on each photo in the Photos sub-tab within the Photos tab, hover over the top right corner and click on the Pencil. Then click Move to Other Album

Move Photos to Custom Facebook Album

From there you can either choose an existing album, or choose Create Album.

Choose a Facebook Album

After you confirm you want to Move Photo, if you’ve selected Create Album it will ask you to name and describe your album. Since this will be the “home” for all your image posts on this topic, it is a great place to get some good keywords in a description that Google will see!

Create a New Facebook Album

Just be sure to click the Done button when you are finished. Then go back to your main Photos tab and move the others. You can edit the album and its description any time. You can also go into any of the images you have posted in the past and edit their captions

Now when someone visits your Photos tab and clicks on Albums, they will see a variety of topics organized into a nice Resource Library.

How will you use this for your business? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to include a link to your Facebook Page or Photos tab!

Here’s mine!

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