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If you have always wanted to create informational/educational products to sell, here are some product manufacturing resources I either have used or have a friend using that can help you get your CDs, DVDs, books, workbooks etc. produced. Getting ready for a class on product development, I was looking at my bookmarks and thought I would share! What other resources do you use or know about!? Share in the comments!

PS: Usually you need your OWN graphics, though they provide templates you can use either yourself or to give to your graphic artist. Some of them have stock images you can use or you can pay extra and have them develop the graphics for you. The cheap lower priced items is if you have all that in place, have the audio or video ready and upload it all to the site yourself.


I have used Kunaki for my social media how-to DVDs and they are affordable and fast!  No minimums, you download their software (PC only) and upload graphic and your content. They are currently transitioning to new offices and can’t take big orders FYI.

Trepstar looks about the same. No minimums etc. etc. I might try this one since Kunaki is moving and has a limit of only 5 at a time orders right now.

Universal Recording Supplies – if you want an actual person to talk to and help you through the process, I have a friend using them and can’t rave enough about their awesome service. They also will do the big sets of 3 or 4 CDs in one box etc.

Corporate Disk Company is the one advertised in the back of the NSA convention guide and they look pretty slick too but I haven’t used them. I have a feeling they will want you to order in bulk but I am not sure.


I get bumper music from It is royalty free and under $40 usually.

Turn your “free report” book or eBook into an Audio Book at I haven’t done this yet but the person who runs it is a FB friend and super nice! 🙂 Let me know if you use them!

I use Audio Acrobat to store my audio (and video) files for publishing there or elsewhere. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use. You can publish as a link or as a player, available only live at the computer or for download. (This is my affiliate link)


Print to Press is a great company, my friend had her workbook made her and it looks fantastic – glossy and professional and it was really affordable.

Lulu is the ‘standard’ in self publishing or at least used to be. Many authors start out using Lulu. They take a big chunk but it is print on demand vs. having to order an inventory and ship yourself (tho you can do that) so it is easy – you can just link to your Lulu site on your website and people order. They will also integrate with Amazon. My daughter published 2 poetry books here, no cost to her, they just take a chunk of the selling price each time one sells.

CreateSpace seems to be Lulu’s biggest competitor. I haven’t used them but they are talked about more and more as being THE place to go, not sure why but may be worth checking out. I get the feeling they are more hands-on customer service wise (example, they keep calling to help me get started).

Minibuk prints very cute little books, under $3 each or something, can be used for giveaways etc. A great way to take your “7 Truths About Life” type of free reports and turn them into a book people can walk away with vs. a business card.

Thrive Books Inc. is Caterina Rando’s (NSA member) company that publishes multi-author books, you pay $3000 or something and you have 300 books (estimating – I forget!) and she does a great job training the co-authors on how to market the book, she provides a virtual book launch/telesummit, co-author teleclasses etc. I’ve published 2 books with her and it’s been a great experience (Mention my name if you use her please! She was my first WordPress/social media client and we are referral partners. :))

That’s it for now! What else do you know of?

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  1. Awnya Boam
    Follow me on Twitter: time4felt
    on November 28, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Wow! I never knew there were so many great options! I will have to check some of them out. We are trying to make a new DVD for our business opportunity for consultants in my company and I may have to suggest some of the people you recommended to help us out. Thanks!

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