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Declutter your Facebook Wall

[UPDATE: Since writing this post, Facebook has added functionality that automatically “clears the clutter” and made some of these steps obsolete. For example, most of the “activity stories” have now been relegated to the Ticker on the right sidebar.]

Sometimes (most of the time!) we just want to read what someone has said, posted, or shared on their own Facebook wall, and not all of the games, applications, pillow fights, bear hugs and other things that their friends have posted which clutter up the wall.

First of all, if you are using Facebook for business, you should consider what your visitors see when they visit your wall. Block applications or hide posts from friends if you have a lot of clutter on your own wall. It’s OK to turn them down and block them. In fact it is proper netiquette when you consider the experience most of your friends will appreciate. When someone visits your wall they are looking for a reflection of you and who you are, and having a lot of clutter on your wall prevents them from getting to know you.

But that said, if you are browsing your friends’ profiles and want to just get down to what your friend actually posted themselves, here’s how.

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