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Direct Selling Power – Why You Need Social Media

This is the first in a series of excerpts from my book, Direct Selling Power. Please leave a comment to add your own thoughts below!

When I first brought my direct sales business online in late 1998, the Internet was very young and there were no guidelines for how to conduct business, grow your network or even how to advertise online. Over the years, I tried just about everything at least once to help build my party plan network. Through trial and error, and in pockets of time alongside my “real life” business, I was able to establish an online presence online that stuck, not only for myself but also for the direct selling company I was with at the time. Now when a potential customer or prospective consultant goes online to research that company, they find more than 100,000 references to our company and products. Would you like to be able to reach a vast network of new connections like that?

Why You Need This Even if Your Business Is Doing Great

Promoting a direct sales business online does not replace your home parties, person-to-person contact or phone calls. Nothing replaces meeting and connecting with people in person, and that is tried and true because it works. Establishing an online presence is something you do after your offline business is taken care of—after your calendar is full. Since your efforts online do not typically pay off immediately overnight, keep your focus on your offline business to get bookings and recruits while building an online presence that will help you grow in the future. Going online might feel like just one more thing to do but here is why it is worth your time:

  • This is a new era.  79% of all Americans use the Internet on a daily basis. Do you want some of them to know you?
  • Building an online presence enables you to serve more people. Open a new region, meet people you never would have otherwise.
  • Having an online presence is a reputation-builder. Build credibility and demonstrate expertise in the marketplace.

Are you already utilizing this tool, or have you been hesitant to dip your toe in the water, either because you do know know which tools are best for your particular business, or because you are afraid you will drown in all the information and time it takes to use it? Join me this Thursday for a free interview on the Business Success Cafe where I will show you simple ways to jump into the social media swimming pool without drowning.

Watch for future posts featuring excerpts from my book, Direct Selling Power. In the meantime I hope to see you on the Business Success Cafe this week! Click here to join us:

Why You Need Social Media - Business Success Cafe 20 Minute Tip

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