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Do I Need to Blog?

Beginner Blogging for BusinessNo one really “needs” to blog, in the same way that no one really “needs” to be on social media. Plenty of businesses thrive without ever participating in online social networking. Every business is different and following are 10 reasons your particular business may benefit from blogging:

  • Blog articles are indexed by the search engines as if they were each their own independent website. This means that if you post even just 1 new article a week, you are creating 52 new and completely independent doorways into your business, year after year. If you are writing articles that people are searching for, you will get new traffic and new business!
  • If you are a direct selling representative or leader, your company more than likely provides you with a replicated website for selling products and advertising your services. That website does not usually afford you much space to express yourself, or for potential customers to get to know you. Blogging is one way to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas and education with your prospects and customers. When they get to know you, they will like you, and trust you, and more readily do business with you.
  • You have an unlimited amount of space in which to write. Social media posts are great, especially with today’s “short attention spans” but when you really need to explain something or expand on a thought, a blog is a great place to do that. You can always post a short teaser in social media, with a link to your blog for those who want to read more.
  • When you use a self-hosted blogging platform such as the self-hosted version of WordPress, you are in total control. In social media, there are rules and if you read the Terms of Service carefully, when you post on social media sites, you are giving the site permission to use your content any way they like. In your own self-hosted blog, you are the sole owner of your intellectual property. Sure others may “lift” your words but at least you would have a legal reason to take action against them if you needed to. Not so with social media sites.
  • You are also in control of how your blog looks and feels, and the layout or graphics that you want to have match your personal or company branding. No one is going to change the layout except you, so there are no surprises. If you are creative yourself or want to outsource the work, you can make your blog look like an exact match of your main website so your readers know they are in the right place.
  • Blogs are flexible and adaptable. With self-hosted WordPress blogs you can add seemingly limitless functionality through plugins and widgets depending on your personal needs. Want to display a calendar, or share files? Want a video that stays on the top in the sidebar? How about an email newsletter opt-in box front and center? All of these can be accomplished with a few clicks and can be rearranged any way you like, any time.
  • Creating at least one blog post a week gives you content that you and your readers can share across other social networks. Add the “social sharing” buttons on each article and not only can you easily share to  your own social media sites, but readers through the years will share to their networks as well.
  • Blog articles establish expertise and authority on your topic. In business today, it is important to serve information around topics that your ideal customer or client would be interested in, so that you become the go-to person on that topic. Then people think of you when they need your product or service. When you write articles, opinion pieces, how-to’s and inspiration around your topic, and others read, share and comment on your articles, your credibility in the field goes up.
  • Companies that use blog articles to answer frequently asked questions or provide solutions for common problems demonstrate great customer service! We all have those questions it seems many people ask us again and again. Writing articles addressing those questions not only serves those who are asking the questions, but it also serves those you haven’t met yet but are seeking answers in the search engines.
  • Blogging can be a creative outlet! Although it may seem daunting at first – getting all the technical parts in order – once that is done, you may find you actually enjoy writing each week! Many of my clients have been pleasantly surprised to find how good it feels to write, even though they never would have considered themselves a writer! Creativity feeds success, and writing can be one way to get creative in your business.

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Are you already blogging? How has blogging benefitted your business? Leave us a comment!

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