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How to Easily Create Custom Facebook Page App Images

As a follow up to my post about how to use a custom app to send people from your Facebook business Page to your website, How to Use a Facebook Tab to Send People to Your Own Website, in this post I am showing you a simple way to create a custom tab/app image “cover” to match your Page or company branding. You can certainly hire a designer to create something that would be an exact match but if you’d like a free way to create something that works, too, this video shows you how:

  1. Use Google Presentation to start a new “presentation” image. You can also do this in PowerPoint if you have it.
  2. Choose one of the templates built in, or Import your own. If you like you can search Google’s template directory.
  3. Using the slide editor, add the text you would like, choosing the font, size, and color you want.
  4. Go up to File and down to Download As… and choose JPEG (.jpg)
  5. From your computer’s image editing program (or try something like resize your slide photo to be exactly 111 x 74. You may need to crop it a little to achieve this, by starting with the 74 pixels high, and shaving some off the width to make it 111.
  6. Save your image as the new size.How to Easily Create Custom Facebook Page App Images
  7. Go to your Facebook Page and click the down arrow on the right of the app/tabs to open the editors. If you have not followed the instructions in previous lessons to add either a website redirect or a contact tab, do that first. I use the Static iFrame Tab application for that.
  8. Once you have found the app tab you would like to use your new image for, click the Edit pencil on its top right corner.
  9. Click on Edit Settings (note that you must be in editing mode by clicking the arrow on the far right first)
  10. Click on Change next to the Custom Tab Image option. This will open a new tab or page.
  11. Browse to upload your new image.
  12. Go back to the tab where your Page was and click OK
  13. Voila!
  14. Repeat for any other custom tabs you’ve created.

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