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Meet Evelyn Leon with Seacret – NAMISS Sponsor

My daughter, Alia, was a state finalist in the National American Miss pageant in California. She competed in San Jose in June for the state title in the Teen category and became a California State Ambassador and placed in the top 5 for the Actress and Spokesmodel competitions, and Top 20 overall! She was invited to move onto the national competition in November. You can read all about NAMISS and Alia here, and to thank her sponsors we will be posting interviews about their businesses. We are SO appreciative of the support Alia has received from clients and friends that want to help her achieve her dream.

This interview is with Evelyn Leon who is a SEACRET Agent with Seacret Direct – Minerals from the Dead Sea.  I’ll let Evelyn take it from here! THANKS Evelyn! Your support is SO appreciated!

Evelyn Leon - Seacret DirectWhat is the name of your business and what do you do?

Seacret-Minerals From The Dead Sea

How or why did you decide to start your business?

From a young age all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother, so my focus was always choosing careers that could be flexible as possible so I could meet the needs of my family.

I started in direct sales after I was incapacitated after a severe accident in 1996 because I could work from home and I found a way to build my business online even in those very early years. Now I am fully disabled and direct sales is here for me to help support my needs, not just financially, but emotionally and mentally. I still have the feeling of being productive, creative, part of a team and having fun. That is the best part. I get all the benefits without losing myself in a traditional job.

How does your business make a difference for your customers?

The therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea’s Natural Minerals have been sought after since ancient times for their power to heal.  Containing 26 essential minerals, including 12 that do not exist in any other sea or ocean in the world, the unique qualities provide relaxation, nourishment to the skin, activate the blood systems, and healing or correcting functions of the human body and different skin layers.

What is unique about you or your business when compared to your competitors?

I have a passion about the products I represent. It is something I personal am well versed in, and have been using for years to heal and relieve my own physical pain, and keeping my skin looking good while on many different types of medications for several years. I want to match your personal needs to a product and if the means it is something that I might not have that is best for your needs, or if I can pair my product with another product in another line, I will share that with you and why.

Evelyn Leon - Seacret Minerals from the Dead SeaWho are your ideal customers or what is the demographic/target of your business?

My ideal customer is anyone who wants to take good care of their matter what the situation.

What are you personally passionate about?

I have many personal passions all revolving around pet rescue, helping children, rebuilding neighborhoods in the Detroit area.. Anything I can do to give back..I have had good times, and bad times, but I am still better off then many. I just want to help however I can..

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to other business owners?

Don’t spread yourself thin. Concentrate on one or two businesses to the fullest.  Don’t give up too soon.It is still a job, you have to work at it, It isn’t overnight.  Pay it forward.

Do you have any advice for the teens of today, as they navigate their way to adulthood?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Freedom to be different is what America stands for. What we defend, and what we help others fight for the right to be.

Stand up for those being bullied.. Believe it or not, the person doing the bullying is insecure.. Yes, right now it doesn’t seem that way, and you are going to be freaked out thinking you will have a target on your back. Guess what, you take a stand, there will be others who will join you. They are just waiting for someone else to make the first move. Be that person. Don’t end of going if only when it is too later to have helped.  Don’t think you need to have your whole life mapped out by 18.  Explore, Take as many different type of classes and clubs as you can in HS and in college so you can figure out what you LIKE and your career will find you.

Evelyn Leon - Seacret Minerals from the Dead SeaIs there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

As a Preferred Customer, we not only want you to love our products (that’s a given) but we also want you to experience what it truly means to be preferred.

From discounts of 40%-60% off the retail price, to complimentary gifts and earning Unlimited Free Products; SEACRET delivers a world- class experience while helping you achieve younger, more beautiful looking skin through our targeted 90 day skin care regimens.

Preferred Customer rewards include:

  • Anniversary Gift — After 1 year as a Preferred Customer, SEACRET will send you a special one-year anniversary gift.
  • Holiday Discounts — During all major holidays we will send you coupons for special products and discounts.
  • SEACRET Stash — Every dollar you spend on product gives you 1 point toward the SEACRET Stash. Use your points toward Products of the Week and much more!
  • Flexibility — You can pause your Replenishment at any time by calling Customer Service. Your SEACRET Stash Points and Preferred Customer Pricing will be retained.
  • VIP Suite — Have your own Members-only VIP website where you can shop, purchase with your SEACRET Stash, view your status, and access your online skin care advisor.

And much much more!!

Contact me for more information:

My website is or I’d love to connect on Facebook.

Will do Evelyn! Thank you for sharing! Do you have experience with Evelyn’s products? I’d love to know! Leave a comment! Thanks again Evelyn for sponsoring Alia! We appreciate it!

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