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Facebook Parties for Direct Sellers from a Business Page

Facebook parties for direct salesA while ago I wrote a popular article called New Guidelines for Facebook Parties. In it I outline why it is important to use a Facebook business page, not a private event or a group, if you are going to conduct Facebook Parties for your direct sales business.

In my first book, Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives, I included very specific guidelines and how-to’s on conducting Facebook parties ethically and effectively using a Facebook Business Page. I even address some of the very real concerns and common questions about using this method.

In my second book, Social Media for Direct Selling Leaders, I explain how this same method can be very effective when used as an Opportunity Event.

Last year I created an online video course about not only Facebook parties for direct sales but also how to conduct Pinterest parties, Instagram parties and using any of these ideas to hold online opportunity events.

With all of that information around it seems there is still a lot of confusion out there for direct sellers who want to hold Facebook parties. People are looking for answers and unfortunately sometimes getting some bad advice that puts their businesses at risk for being out of compliance with their company guidelines or for breaking the terms of service for the social media sites.

In this article I want to address some dos/don’ts with regard to direct sales Facebook parties. If at first you are hesitant about my methods because you may have learned another way, I would encourage you to be open to trying something new.

Unless you are regularly holding Facebook parties that result in $500+ in sales with very little out of pocket expense, and you have never been in a “Facebook Jail” situation, with hosts who are so excited and engaged throughout the process that they decide to join your team, you will benefit from this information!

Your first step is to read the other resources I referenced above. In most cases when someone tells me that Facebook parties from a business page don’t work or are problematic, it is because they did not read or learn the techniques that I teach to make sure their virtual parties are successful. Do your homework first, try it out, and then talk to me.  Is it perfect? No. But it works, it’s compliant, and will dramatically help the overall success of your online presence because of the activity generated on your business page. Frustrated that the reach is low on your business page? Hold your Facebook parties there and see a natural boost in your visibility!

Facebook Party Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Host coach host coach host coach! You cannot cannot cannot skip this step. And by host coach I do not mean send her a canned email saying you are excited about her party and giving her the link to it. Read my book, this chapter is the most important one regarding Facebook parties!  If you think it is a lot of work, then you need to be Ok with mediocre online parties and low sponsoring results. Host coaching is the key to sales, bookings and sponsoring success with virtual parties.
  2. Do not go overboard with elaborate graphics and videos. This is not duplicable for the majority of people watching you and thinking about doing what you do. I understand that many consultants have turned Facebook parties into their full time job and enjoy spending a lot of time (and for some a lot of money) making their parties the best, the most fun, and the most eye catching or edgy to get attention. But let me ask you this. Do you want to sponsor your host or maybe some of her guests? Is everyone in attendance just like you with the time, skills and resources to do all those things? Probably not. How relatable are you to them?
  3. Stick with one door prize and your company specials for the month. When you invent your own special offers, do multiple full sized product prize giveaways, and discount everything over and above what your company already is offering, you send the message that your product is over priced, not good enough on its own merits and that anyone who is a representative needs to spend a proportion of her profit on bribing people to buy! Do you want to make money? Or are you Ok with running your business on credit cards and barely making a profit? Do you think people considering the business opportunity want to make money?
  4. Throw out the scripts! There’s nothing worse than attending a Facebook party and being faced with automation and robotic scripting. No amount of emoji can make an overused script feel personal and inviting. Tailor your party to your host and her guests. Write your captions in language that is the same way you would speak if you were saying it in person. Show your enthusiasm and be authentic in sharing your love for your line and your opportunity. Yes it takes more time to customize your parties but with better results, it is worth it. I know some people who are doing 5 to 10 scripted parties a week, with so-so results. I would rather see them doing fewer but high-qualify parties with higher party totals and sponsoring that will build their organization for the long term while uplifting their company’s reputation.
  5. Go LIVE whenever you can! A live broadcast, combined with written words and images is a winning combination. Do not hold your guests hostage for a 60 minute video, but go on Facebook Live to share your Why Story, or to answer questions at the end. A demonstration on live video is really effective in short bits, too, maybe 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Give your guests the time to process what you’ve shared by sprinkling in some regular picture posts, too.
  6. Keep it short and sweet. Gone are the days of the 10 or 14 day Facebook parties. A 30-45 minute event on your business page is the most effective use of your own time and the time of your guests. Fill your event with pre-party information and follow up after the party with post-party reminders but the bulk of your sales, bookings, and sponsoring will be captured during an effective short “live” party. It’s duplicable, it’s respectful of everyone’s time, it’s easier on the host which makes bookings attractive, and it’s more manageable for you alongside the rest of your business and other obligations.

For step by step instructions on conducting effective Facebook parties for your direct selling business, be sure to read my book, Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives. Give my techniques from the book a try for your next few virtual parties and post your results (or questions) in the comments below. I think you will find that they are more productive, keep you out of trouble, and save you time!

Until next time,
Karen Clark


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  1. Ginny Petrino on September 7, 2017 at 10:17 am

    I want to order your book. Dated 2015, is there a new, more up to date version since FB is always changing up things!??

    • Karen Clark
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on December 27, 2017 at 4:40 pm

      Hi Ginny – The new edition will be ready by mid-January 2018! Thanks for asking!

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