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Facebook to Inspire People

Often in my speaking and training I talk about how social media should be used not just for promoting your business, but also to serve existing customers or clients, and to help people solve problems, or to share ideas and resources. But one of my favorite things to give and to receive in social media, and on Facebook in particular, is inspiration!

You can use Facebook to inspire people in a couple of different ways. One way is to post an uplifting quotation from your favorite author or motivational speaker. This sparks your readers’ imaginations and often you’ll find the very person who needed to read your message today got it. Reading something inspirational, especially if they are just checking in to Facebook to kill time, can often completely change someone’s outlook for the day. I know it has for me! I frequently change course after reading a quote that really hit home.

Another way to use Facebook to inspire people is by sharing what you do, love or are passionate about! When you post about your big kitchen remodel project and share the ups and downs and then photos of the finished product with your Facebook friends, they’re inspired to work on their own home improvement projects. When you share your travel photos, they’re inspired to step outside their safe and comfortable hometown and dream about traveling the world. When you share a cute story about your cute kids and what they’re up to, it inspires them to go spend time with their own and appreciate every day with them. When you share your success stories, they celebrate along with you and are inspired to reach for their own goals.

For those who have not been posting much on Facebook or other social networking sites because you just can’t think of what to say, or why anyone would want to read what you’re up to, think again. If you look at using Facebook to inspire people, it has more meaning and is rewarding knowing you are touching people’s lives in a positive way. Go on, post something!

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  1. Kim on March 25, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    So true! My husband & I are on a quest to lose weight this year & knew that others were wanting to do the same thing. We started a weight loss group on facebook – basically a support group of people all working towards a weight loss goal – that is inspiring other people who give us inspiration as well! It has been very rewarding!

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