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Getting Local Leads Online

Last night I participated in direct sales trainer Deb Bixler’s famously free and popular Speakers in the Park summer teleclass series. We discussed some ideas and strategies for getting the word out about your business when you want to attract local leads right in your own backyard.  We had 59 people on the call and the feedback has been quite positive.

Today I submitted a guest post to Deb’s website outlining some of the techniques I shared on the call. Along with the article, she has also included a brief recording of part of the call that you can listen to. If you are in direct sales, I highly recommend that you join Deb’s Elite Club membership program to gain access to the full recording as well as a myriad of other helpful resources! Her training and ideas are absolutely wonderful and have gotten me fabulous results in my own home party business in the past.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

What can you do to reach out online to local people in your own backyard?

It used to be that a large printed book of yellow pages was what consumers consulted when they needed to find a photographer, bookkeeper, or realtor. If they weren’t sure where to go for art supplies, books, or pizza, they let their fingers do the walking. The majority of today’s consumers locally and globally, however, turn to online searches and internet directories to find what they are looking for. Within a few seconds they are given information about the closest service provider, restaurant or shop, along with real time customer reviews, ratings and “buzz” that influences their decision on which business to patronize.

Click to read the rest of the article and listen to the sample audio recording! Then visit this blog to leave your comments for me. Do you have some additional resource to add? We shared several other ideas on the call. Maybe you have some more to share in the comments? Thanks!

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