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Getting Noticed

When I started my business in 1998, the last thing I’d have wanted was publicity! But over the years I have seen the magic that being noticed by someone in the media can do! My personal direct sales business doubled when syndicated radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, mentioned my Story Time Felts product on her radio show – twice! You can listen to the recording on my former FunFelt website (down on the lower right).  It was an amazing experience.  And all I did to make that happen was send her an honest and authentic friendly email, commenting about one of her radio show segments. She checked me out online and liked what she saw! Having an online presence meant that when her producer googled me, he came up with lots of information!

In future posts, I will teach you some other tips I’ve learned over the years to get your and your business noticed in the public eye. I’ve been on radio interviews, podcasts, a television show, written up in news articles and blogs, and created my own publicity by submitting news announcements and press releases. One of my favorite trainers on publicity, Jill Lublin, says that the idea is to create an “I’ve heard of you somewhere syndrome,” and to just get OUT there, using what you’ve got. It’s working for me!

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