How Do I See All My Friends on Facebook?


To adjust your Facebook so that you see more of your friends (or at least your “real” friends – you know you have some who aren’t, too!) on your Facebook news feed you can follow these steps.

1 – Either as you are adding someone, or by visiting their personal profile, click on the Friends button that has the checkmark on it.

2 – Under Show in News Feed, click on Settings

3 – Under the section that says How many updates? Change it from Most Updates to All Updates if that is what you want.

Facebook’s default is to set it to Show in news feed, and Most updates. There may be some people you’d like to reduce visibility with, and others you would like to increase visibility with. You can make all those adjustments in this same place. For example if you accepted someone as a friend but don’t really want to see their posts, but don’t want to unfriend them either, UNcheck the Show in news feed option. Or if you simply don’t want to see their photos, game activity or other items, you can UNcheck only those types of posts. If you want to only see major life events such as when they add a new relationship, get a job, move away, etc. change the setting to Only Important.

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Thanks to Hugh from Social Identities for pointing this out recently as well!

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