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Increase Viewers on Facebook Live

How to increase viewers on Facebook LiveIf you are doing Facebook Live regularly, this is for you. It is being speculated by me and a few others (and makes sense) that the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm is affecting visibility of Facebook Live videos based on interactions and whether people view each  video broadcast to completion. They did this when they started weighing uploaded video more heavily, too.
In other words:
  • If you go live but do not get a lot of organic interaction (comments, mostly) in proportion to how many people view it, that’s bad.
  • If you have a lot of people who view but do not stay till the end, that’s bad.
  • If you have a lot of people who come on and get off fairly quickly, that’s bad.So what does this mean?  What should you DO about it?

1- Don’t be BORING. We can’t all be video super stars but from the very first second share something of value that makes them want to stay and gives them a taste of what’s to come.

2 – Be prepared to continually be interesting to encourage interaction and to get people to STAY.

3 – Don’t broadcast so LONG that people have to leave even if you ARE interesting. If you see your Facebook Live viewers start to drop, wrap it up, it’s time to go. Ending with a higher viewer count than the first 30 sec is a good thing. Leave them hungry for more.

4 – If you are struggling with this, try planning to be on Facebook Live for shorter broadcasts, tell people in advance you are going live and for how long so they can plan their time to stay (maybe through an event?) and bullets of what they will see/learn. Be strategic.

5 – More is NOT better – if you are broadcasting on Facebook Live every day or multiple times a day you may be hurting yourself – people stop looking forward to it and committing to going since they know you will come around again soon.

If you are not having any problems with your visibility don’t worry about it, but if you ARE, try doing these things and let me know if you see an improvement in your overall reach/viewers/visibility!

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  1. Maryln Rufenacht on September 5, 2017 at 4:17 am

    Good advice!

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