Instagram Marketing: Share, Serve, and Sell! Keynote Presentation with Karen Clark

Instagram is the mobile app that is taking the social media and direct sales worlds by storm. No longer a trendy newcomer, Instagram has serious applications in both personal and business use. With over 300 million active monthly users, it’s time to pay attention.

In this session Karen Clark will teach you how to create the very best Instagram presence for you and your direct selling business. Watch Karen streaming from her iPhone projected on her computer as she shows you:

• How to find your way around the built in features of Instagram and leverage them best
• How to find and use the best hashtags to attract the right people, and keep it going
• Free and affordable apps to use to create or edit Instagram-friendly images
• How to use Instagram Direct to message a prospect or networking contact
• Three strategies for conducting an Instagram Party, opportunity event, or meeting
• Answers to YOUR questions!

By the end of this training you will know the very latest best practices for direct sellers on Instagram and how to attract and engage your network, compel them to stay in your network, and prompt them to do business with you.

Note to Meeting Planners:

In this presentation whenever possible I connect my iphone/ipad to the presentation software (via desktop sharing for example) and show specific tactics for getting set up and using Instagram. The techniques shown are appropriate for most beginners but advanced enough for those already experienced in using Instagram.

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Karen Clark

Karen Clark, Social Media and Direct Sales Speaker.When she was an active direct sales leader, Karen Clark walked the walk as she sold, booked, and supported a team offline, while expanding her reach and service online. Now working with direct selling companies and their field representatives as a speaker and social media corporate consultant, Karen uses her nearly 20 years' online marketing and direct selling expertise to teach audiences exactly where, when, and how to establish an ethical and effective online presence with social media, while remaining true to their principles and personal direct sales business. Read more

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