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Intimidated and Overwhelmed with Online Presence Tasks?

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Intimidated and Overwhelmed?

Throughout the last month I have spoken to many small business owners who are exasperated and overwhelmed with the idea of adding one more thing to their marketing efforts. Building an online presence isn’t as simple as creating an ad for a newspaper or mailing out a postcard – though those tasks aren’t very simple either! Creating a presence online adds a new element that comes with a sharp learning curve for many people – technology! And believe it or not, I was there too, once. We all have been! Following are some ideas to put things in perspective and help you feel more at ease:

1. Take baby steps. Try one thing today. Do it until you feel good about it. Don’t start the next step until you’ve mastered the first. This will help you gain the confidence you will need later when you’ll want to use more advanced techniques.

2. Celebrate your accomplishments. For example, if you’ve posted your first blog post, pat yourself on the back (literally – it feels great!) and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Recognize that you are practicing and getting better all the time!

3. Cut yourself some slack. Yes you want more business, and yes, the sooner the better, but this is not a race. Rome was not built in a day, and your persistence and patience today will pay off tomorrow in bigger rewards than you can imagine. It is worth it to stay calm and give yourself room to make mistakes and keep at it.

4. Don’t give up. With as many times as I’ve wanted to toss my computer out the window, I’m glad I never did! If you need to take breaks, even long breaks (days, weeks, months…), give yourself the breathing room you need, but make a date with yourself to come back to this when you’ve  your mind and regained energy around building your online presence.

5. Ask for help. Build a success circle around your internet marketing efforts. Who are the people who understand this a little bit (or a lot) more than you? Can you drop them an email or a quick tweet and ask them to help you get unstuck? Most people are surprisingly willing to help others and will gladly toss around some quick ideas for you when asked.

All in all I want you to know that you are not alone and that it will get better. Keep your eye on the prize – increased sales or clients, a better reputation, stronger customer loyalty – and stay the course.

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