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Karen On Call – Social Media Support and Accountability Group

  • Are you a home-based entrepreneur?
  • A small business owner?Karen on Call - Support and Accountability for Social Media and Direct Sales
  • Are you a party plan consultant or leader?
  • Do you have social media questions?
  • Want to ask them in a private forum?
  • Want to know how something works specifically within your business model?
  • Need answers and resources from an experienced social media expert who is familiar with your business?
  • Prefer to talk things through or discuss with others to understand?
  • Just want someone in your back pocket to help you keep up with all the changes?

Join Karen Clark for Karen on Call – a support and accountability service to enhance your social media learning. Click the blue Facebook button to request access:

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* Note to those in direct sales: We have a STRICT no-cross recruiting rule for direct sellers/network marketers on our calls and in our private group. We respect the business each person is in and provide this service as a SAFE place to learn and share without risk. No recruiting of any kind will be tolerated. If you are found to be promoting your business opportunity within our group, you will removed from the group for 1 month without warning upon your first infraction, and banned forever if you violate this policy again. No refunds. WE ARE VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS ISSUE. We want to foster a community of openness, respect, and trust and this cannot occur if sponsoring conversations are allowed. There are other forums for that. Thank you for supporting us in this issue!

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