Managing Your Time in Social Media

Do you struggle with how to do it all on social media and still have time for other business or your personal life? This week on Blab I shared my perspective on time management when it comes to online marketing and social media, and I also welcomed the team from CinchShare to talk about their tool that allows you to schedule Facebook posts and Facebook parties. Watch the replay here and see the “show notes” below if you want to try out any of the tools I mentioned!

Show Notes:

  • Social Media CPR:
    • C = Comment on 3-5 items in your feed. Bonus points if they’re prospects! Add a meaningful comment to add value or contribute to a discussion.
    • P = Post on a consistent basis. Everyone’s best time varies but post daily.
    • R = Reply to comment directed to you. Respond!
  • Timer for alerting you to get back to work or move on in your time block: or just use your phone calendaring/alarm system
  • Planning tools/editorial calendar:
  • Email management: I use Boomerang and Streak, extensions for Gmail using Chrome. I forgot to mention this one but it’s great: It allows you to “roll up” email subscriptions into a digest to read all in one email, or to easily unsub.
  • Social Media Scheduling
    • Use Facebook’s built-in schedule button for biz pages whenever possible
    • Tweetdeck for Twitter listening/engaging/scheduling
    • Buffer for scheduling or adding sites to a queue and sending at intervals
    • HootSuite for listening/columns of feeds, mentions, keywords for all sites, and for scheduling for some.
    • CinchShare for scheduling into Facebook timelines, biz pages, groups or events from any of those. Great for “Facebook parties” for direct sales.

Do you have more to share? Post in the comments! What do you use?

For more information on marketing your business with social media, be sure to check out my book, Social Media for Direct Selling, available at online retailers or here.

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