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The Marketing Section of Facebook Business Pages’ Editor

The Marketing tab inside the back end editing area of your Facebook Page allows you a variety of ways of spreading the word about your Business Page. When you are starting a new Page it looks like this after you click the Edit Page button:

Marketing Editor on Facebook Pages

If you have an established Page it gives you a few more features and looks like this:

Edit the Marketing of your Facebook Fan Page

Let’s go over each item:

Advertise on Facebook: This is self-explanatory. Click through and you will be offered the opportunity to place paid target ads for your Business Page or any other website.

Tell Your Fans: Clicking on this will give you the option of uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format or connecting with a web-based email system to import contacts that you would like to tell about your Business Page. On your behalf, Facebook will email your contacts announcing your Page.

Get a Badge: If you have a website or blog where you can insert HTML code, this will give you a button that tells people to find you on Facebook by displaying the Facebook name and your profile picture and Page name.

Add a Like Box to Your Website: This is similar to the Badge except the Like Box can also include your Page’s wall news feed, pictures of your fans, and fan count.

Now for more established Pages there are additional options:

Custom Alias: This is where you can set your custom username or URL for your Page after you have reached 25 fans. You can also access this at and even set one for your personal Profile in your own name.

Send an Update: If you would like to send a message to your fans’ inboxes, this is where you can do that. The messages work similarly to the regular Facebook email messages except the messages end up in the Updates subfolder of the Inbox – and are sometimes overlooked. When you start your message you are also able to target who receives it based on geographic location as well as male/female and age range.

See All Updates: This is like a “sent mail” folder – where you can view all Updates you have sent in the past.

I hope this helps. There are of course additional ways you can market your business Page but I for one am thankful Facebook gave us a spot to access their tools easily – now that you know where they are!

How else do you market your Page?

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  1. Awnya Boam
    Follow me on Twitter: time4felt
    on November 28, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    I had no idea that fanpages had so many things I could do with them! My list of improvements is growing again. Thanks again for such great information. I can’t wait to improve my fanpage use.

  2. Carolyn Simmons on November 30, 2011 at 10:49 am

    I just tried the “Tell Your Fans” feature to upload a list of contacts to invite to my business page. Facebook got glitchy and sent out 9-10 messages to each person in my spreadsheet! Ack!

    I can’t seem to find the “Send an Update” feature on my page though…

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