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Meet Cindy Burris, Your Tupperware Connection – NAMISS Sponsor

My daughter, Alia, is a state finalist in the National American Miss pageant in California. She is competing in San Jose this weekend for the state title in the Teen category and hopefully move onto the national competition in November. You can read all about NAMISS and Alia here, and to thank her sponsors we will be posting interviews about their businesses. We are SO appreciative of the support Alia has received from clients and friends that want to help her achieve her dream.

The seventh h interview is with Cindy Burris who is an independent consultant for Tupperware! I’ll let Cindy take it from here! THANKS Cindy! Your support is SO appreciated!

Cindy Burris, TupperwareWhat is the name of your business and what do you do?

I am a Tupperware Consultant.  I help my customers save time and money in the kitchen, by showing them amazing Tupperware products that not only keeps plastic bags, aluminum foil, Styrofoam and more out of our landfills.

How or why did you decide to start your business?

I wanted flexible work hours to be more available to my teenager for his school and sports schedule.  The Tupperware products reputation and quality is another reason I chose to be an independent sales consultant with Tupperware.

How does your business make a difference for your customers/ clients?

I am able to shows my customers how they can make a full 3 course meal in 25 minutes using Tupperware’s Stack Cooker.  I love helping my customers organize their cupboards and pantries, so they can make a grocery list quickly.

What is unique about you or your business when compared to your competitors?

My outstanding Customer Service.  My customers know I care about them.

Who are your ideal customers or what is the demographic/target of your business?

I personally feel that everyone is a perfect customer, because we all have family and friends that we can gift with Tupperware and feel great knowing it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  

What is your company’s mission?

Tupperware’s mission is to educate customers on the correct us of the different products.  The Home Party is the best place to educate customers on the correct use of the different products.  The average American home throws away 65% of the fruits and vegetables it buys.

What are you personally passionate about?

I personally am passionate about Tupperware’s generous fundraiser program, where a group, organization or individual gets 40% of all the sales from the excellent fundraiser catalog.

I currently am able to help raise funds for a friend needing a lung transplant and her medical provider won’t move her to the top of the list until she and her husband have a minimum of $15,000 in the bank, because she has to live near the hospital, in San Francisco for 3 months, after receiving her new lungs.

I am also passionate about my 18-year old son being aware of our environment and that he won’t use store bought thin plastic bottles, instead he uses Tupperware’s Eco bottles.  

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to other business owners?

Do what you tell your customers you are going to do.

How would your customer benefit from your product?

Think outside of your personal box and what I mean by that is; join marketing groups, your local chamber of commerce, because customers are everywhere and people like buying from people they personally know or that a friend recommends.

Do you have any advice for the teens of today, as they navigate their way to adulthood?

Find ways to protect your environment.  Never spend more than you have in your bank account.  Think twice about whether you really need or want something.  If you wouldn’t pay the dollar amount for something you want, do you think it is fair to ask your parents to pay for it??   Learn to cook and don’t eat out too often.  When you cook you know what goes into your food.

Do you have a favorite quote or inspirational story to share?

It isn’t about how much you make, but how much you keep.  I love showing my customers how to keep more of their hard earned money for fun family things outside of the kitchen.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

My customers can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter from me featuring the current sales catalog and a recipe.  (I always try to save my customers money whenever possible.)

If you pack your child’s lunch or take your own to work you will save about $750 or more a year!  When you use Tupperware products to pack your lunch instead of eating out, you save an average of $3.00 or more a day – 5 days a week for 50 weeks.  So…you not only save money and the environment, think of the healthy eating choices you can make too!


Contact Cindy at:

Cindy Burris, Your Tupperware Connection

916/663-3507 or 530/613-4059

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