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Search Engines Like Meetup Links

I’m a co-author of a book coming out this month and I’ve been marketing it a little bit online in order to collect pre-orders. One thing I am doing is organizing a book study Meetup around each chapter of the book. This is going to give me the opportunity to facilitate discussions around my area of expertise, as well as sell books. Both will help business owners in Sonoma County where I live and I’m excited to build a small community of leaders around the fabulous topics in the book besides my own chapter, as well.

Today I was doing a search on the title of the book in Google, and was surprised by how many backlinks to and about my Meetup group came up on the search engine results page! There were many backlinks to information about the book, not just the direct link to my Meetup but also to each Meetup category page and related Meetups.

Consider using Meetup as a way to share your expertise and bring in new customers through the Meetup community itself (which is great!) and the search engines.

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