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Having a presence online is essential to any business these days! Your potential customers or team members will be “googling” you and checking you out, so they need to be able to find something! My goal in this category is to share tips and tools you can use to enhance and not take away from your business presence.

I know we will have people here with a variety of experiences online, good and bad (I’ve had some of those myself!) but the information I’m going to share are ideas and concepts that anyone at any level can try, and they are based on my own experience. I love learning new things but I’d encourage you to use the, “Take what you like and leave the rest,” policy with this.

It isn’t necessary or even recommended to do it all or even the way I am teaching you. But I WOULD encourage you to do Some Thing to begin promoting your business online. You do need to spend some time making sure people know you exist, so they can discover that what you have to offer is of value and they should return. Again and again!

Having said that, one thing I would like to mention before we dig in is that working on building an online presence should be something you do AFTER your regular business is taken care of. AFTER your calendar is full. AFTER your phone calls have been made. AFTER your team has been supported and especially AFTER your family and other commitments have been taken care of.

Just because you have an online presence does not mean that should be your primary focus, even if it is new and exciting!  I have had my business online for a very long time but the majority of the time I spend on building my business is spent off line, doing home parties, conducting starter shows, on the phone prospecting, hostess coaching and supporting my team. The time I spend online is something I do extra – to keep in touch with my customers and give them a way to order more, to expand our company’s reach by meeting people in under-represented areas and making sure they know about us, and simply to become known as someone that others can get to know, like, and trust online as a representative of my company.

As I mentioned before, you NEED to be out there promoting your website if you want to bring people to it. But you do NOT need to spend a LOT of time doing this. So in future posts I’ll dive into some ideas you can use to spend your time efficiently and effectively online to create a presence through a variety of methods.

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  • Tina Peterson September 22, 2009, 10:38 pm

    This is something I definitely agree with. I started working at an online presence a year ago – everyone was saying “get your name out there”, sign up for EVERY network sent your way, etc etc etc… I realized that I was signing up for everything – but then I didn’t know where to go with it – AND I couldn’t remember where all I’d been. Then I couldn’t update anything, and so on….

    Now, I work with just a couple of networks – my own “women supporting women” and “Ultimate Connection for Small Business Owners” both .ning networks. I have a handfull of people who answer my questions as I have them.

    I have learned so much in the last year! – Tina


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