MyBizPresence Twitter Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-14

  • Looking for portable, affordable, projectors. Anyone have a recommendation? Needs to work with the lights on! #
  • My next class, in Rohnert Park: Beginning Blogging for Business — Wanna come? #
  • Mac users – Found a great image editor $59 – anyone use it? Pixelmator. Looks awesome! Photoshop alternative? #
  • I cannot tell you how excited I am. I lost Photoshop in a hard drive crash and have missed it so. This program seems to have all I need. Yay #
  • It is such a RUSH to find an application that solves all your problems!! 🙂 I'm floatin on a cloud tonight… #
  • I am speaking at the SIlicon Valley North #DSWA Chapter this Tuesday! Very excited to give them some hands on Facebook Fan Page training! #
  • What do you think of this. A friend told me that no entrepreneur has their primary objective as helping people. I disagree. He says it's $. #
  • Was told the other day by a client that I'm such a positive person she will always try to be a "yes" for me! That was great to hear! 🙂 #
  • Are you in business for the money or to help people? Please comment here: #
  • I mis-calendared something for Friday for today so I had bonus time today. Don't you know it got sucked right up! How'd it get to be 1:15! #
  • Gathering ideas up for my speaker sheet. So much to write but need it to look great too. May need some help with that! #
  • Is anyone going to Mac World Expo? I'm looking for info for an Examiner article. They aren't doing as much press… #
  • Christine Comaford: The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make via @schwerdtfeger #
  • Finding a general press release about Mac World Expo is like pulling teeth. Did they not do any PR this year!? #
  • You can change your conversion rate (turning website visitors into customers) by changing the language on your site… #
  • 4 Minute explanation of some of the changes in the Facebook layout. #
  • A client was advised to take her blog off her main site and create its own domain. Why would someone suggest that? Any clues? I disagree. #
  • Another client was told by web designer that if she makes a blog to ONLY make it no-comments, non-interactive. WHY. Makes no sense. #
  • Clear the clutter on your friends' Facebook wall (and your own!) #
  • Third client's web designer told her wordpress is awful use Blogger instead. This makes no sense. 3 / 3 different web designers=BAD advice #
  • Guest speaker on Daisy Blue Naturals training webinar tonight. Have you heard of them? All natural skin care products. I'll be teaching FB! #
  • Very sad to see people I know outsourcing their tweeting. Outsource everything BUT the people connections people! #
  • I'm doing a Facebook webinar for Daisy Blue Naturals tonight. Ever heard of them? All natural (really) skin care. Looks interesting! #
  • Great night! Now back to reality! Dishes and laundry. LOL #
  • Finding lots of inspiration tonight!! You guys are great! #
  • It's official! My Wine Country Online Presence Weekend Workshop is a GO for May 1st/2nd in Rohnert Park at the… #
  • Watching the Olympics… #
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