MyBizPresence Twitter Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-21

  • Facebook Netiquette, to no one in particular. 🙂 When a friend has a FB Fan Page for their business, don't try and… #
  • Experimenting with something. I was told that "liking" your own status update on a Fan Page will trigger… #
  • The saying, "You attract more flies with honey than vinegar," applies to online marketing, too! Having clients and… #
  • Hi everyone! Having a fun day here. Kids are off for "ski week" so I don't have to go pick them upppppppp!! Yippee! Love the gift of time. #
  • Worked w/a sweet and technophobic client for a couple hours this a.m. setting up event listings, FB, etc. Just needed a hand to hold. 🙂 #
  • Only 10 spots left in my Wine Country Online Presence Weekend Workshop 2010 Register or make payment arrangements ASAP! #
  • Only 10 spots available at my Wine Country Online Presence Workshop May 1st and 2nd!! Reserve your spot here:… #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth's Blog: Viral growth trumps lots of faux followers #
  • Where's my Fan Page?? How to find it again once you've made it! #
  • Wheres my Fan Page!? How to find it once you made it! (1 minute screencast!) #
  • What a gorgeous day here in Sonoma County!!! I think that groundhog was wrong, at least here in the wine country! #
  • So, I've given up just about everything I could give up already for lent. Have to be creative this year. Here's an idea – giving! I like it. #
  • Woops almost forgot to pick up a kid! Having too much fun, L8r! #
  • YES yes yes. Briliant post about Social Media Optimization: SMO is the New SEO – Part 1 | @BrianSolis #
  • Don't set your Facebook profile to import our Blog posts. That keeps people on FB instead of sending them to your… #
  • Here's where you go to get the code to advertise your Fan Page or Profile on other sites (such as on your blog):… #
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! TU! RT @UnMarketing Mannequin Networking – Why Twitter Automation Is Bad #
  • What is a poke!? Why are people poking me on Facebook? 1 minute screencast. #
  • Questions are the Answer to Content Ideas – #
  • Questions are the Answer to Content Ideas – #
  • When you run out of ideas to write about on your blog, check this out: (Please leave a comment on the article!) #
  • Chloe's French Cafe on #Yelp I'm reviewing this as a business person who is looking for a meeting place. Chloe's ha… #
  • Wow! Fortune 500 Still Clueless about SEO RT @sengineland #
  • Wine Country Online Presence Weekend 2010 – Workshops to Get it Done! #
  • Has anyone used Quickbooks merchant service?? They even have an ipone app?! #
  • How to get to the meat on Facebook – only see Status Updates and none of the fluff! 1 minute screencast: #
  • Kids gave up all video games for lent – except Wii Fit. I think they'll be getting in shape quick! #
  • Hearing you talk about how swamped you are with business does not make me want to be like you. Swamped = no fun. Work smarter people! #
  • Teaching a webinar about Twitter this morning! You guys are going to be the stars! 🙂 #
  • Thank you Syl!!! @mybizpresence You are doing a wonderful call. Thanks for being twitter perfect. /via @tupsyl #
  • So on my Twitter webinar live web sharing, tried to show how to follow, & one I picked had me blocked! Embarrassing! I wonder why!?! 🙁 #
  • Spending the weekend in the mountains – they are glorious!!! The redwoods, the snow, the boulders. I love it here!!! #
  • I love spending time in places where I feel humbled and small and where I'm reminded of the Big Picture. #
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