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MyBizPresence Twitter Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-28

  • Leaving beautiful Mt Rose, NV. What a great weekend. Wish the traffic were lighter thru Sac! #
  • I’m going to write about reasons to
    block people (ok it’s writing therapy for me lol). What are your reasons? Pls rt! #
  • RT @FreelanceFolder Free Consultation: Pros and Cons #
  • Learn Facebook Page SEO Mastery In 7 Easy Steps: via <<—Great advice!! #
  • Marketing Online Live Podcast – #
  • WordPress Community Podcast – #iTunes #
  • Thesis WordPress Theme Creator interview – #
  • I’m a podcast downloading fool tonight. Need stuff to listen to when I’m working out! Geek podcasts are my favorites. #
  • Facebook Fan Pages vs. Facebook Groups – A great guide! #
  • Trove of 68,000 stolen logons in hands of ‘amateur’ hackers #
  • 25 Awesome Websites For High Quality Photoshop Tutorials /via @dollars5 #
  • How to set up a Google Alert to keep track of your brand or favorite keywords. 2.5 min. screencast. #
  • Do you use Google Alerts to keep track of your brand/keywords? Here’s how: #
  • RT @JenFongSpeaks Direct Sellers, Cut the Crap #
  • Brain on overload today and I can’t seem to turn it off! #
  • Does anyone use Sidewiki? Is there any benefit (SEO) to writing on it vs. stand alone articles? #
  • Does anyone know how to change background color in Static FBML on FB? Can you just use regular bg html code? #
  • Tutorial: Customize Facebook Pages with Static FBML application via @HyperArts <<– AHA! There it is! THX! #
  • Now you can see my recent screencasts/videos by clicking on my YouTube tab! I’m slowly redoing some of the others… #
  • RT @curtjonestweets Set yourself on fire with enthusiasm. When people come to watch you burn, ask how you can serve them. (luvit!!) #
  • Are you a parent or work with kids? Be sure to follow my alter-ego @funfelt too! #
  • I used #Shazam to discover Breakeven by The Script #
  • Just added a new background to my Twitter profile page, what do you think? #
  • Just fixed up my Twitter profile to use the same profile picture as I have here. What do you think?… #
  • What diet is your blog on? LOL #
  • I used #Shazam to discover Superman by Five For Fighting #
  • Networking: Know It Alls and Name Droppers: via @sally_k #
  • Excited about my weekend social media workshop! May 1st and 2nd. Only 9 spots left! #
  • RT @jsandford Social Media Isn’t That Awesome #
  • Mike’s at the Crossroads on #Yelp Mike’s is hands down the best burger around, always has been and still is today. … #
  • Sonoma County peeps – I need wi-fi enabled coffee house/restaurants in Rohnert Park/Cotati – Don’t wanna go to SR, Seb. or Pet. Help? #
  • Want to know how to integrate Twitter into your website? Here are 10 options: #
  • Trying out my eyeball mic/webcam I got for Christmas (finally)… #
  • Well that just stinks. Can’t use the eyeball with iMovie. Rats. #
  • What do you want to know more about, when it comes to building an online presence? #
  • Looking for resources to teach internet safety to teens – anyone know of any? Slide show or video would be good! #
  • What a day! Life’s good! Lots happening! Heading into what will be a fantastic weekend!! #
  • Join me for a weekend workshop! Only $299 for 2 days of fun, fast-paced, and effective training!… #
  • My special for March and April is a 20% Booking Bonus for anyone who refers me to a paid speaking/workshop event in… #
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