MyBizPresence Twitter Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-31

  • Using Social Mention to set up alerts for my biz/keywords: #
  • Tricking out my blog tonight. Added some cool doodads. #
  • Trying out TwitterTools to post a digest or tweets to my blog, Twitterlink to add commenter’s Twitter ID, & added avatars by my headlines! #
  • I added Twitterlink to my Blog so you can sign with your Twitter ID. Check it out and comment! 🙂 #
  • Going on a co-author call for marketing my book! Power Dynamics Publishing is great to work with! #
  • It’s been great seeing so many people implementing techniques I’ve shared! I love hearing from you!! #
  • FBML – How to Add a “Share” Button to Your Facebook Fan Page Custom Pages: by @kwbridge (THANKS!!!!) #
  • Coming up this week 3 exciting things! Wednesday Meetup with Webify Your Business author!… #
  • Investigating “how to market a book online” and finding it quite the same as “how to market ______ online.” It’s all the same! LOL #
  • So who’s going to MacWorld? I’ve never been but am considering it. Is there much about marketing/social media there? #
  • Writing for SF Online Marketing at Mentioning my San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma County lists! Should u b on them? @ me! #
  • My latest Examiner article: Can you get your San Francisco news from Twitter? – #
  • Are you coming? San Francisco online marketing expert to visit North Bay Webify Meetup – #
  • Sending out my first official newsletter tomorrow morning (finally!). Subscribe on my site:… #
  • Hi everyone! Can u add some NEWS agencies/people to follow on Twitter to the comments on this article? Know any? #
  • Handy dandy color hex codes: #
  • In case you need color hex codes (can use in html): #
  • Check this video out — Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video #
  • The unveiling of the (yes icky name) iPad: #
  • Had a GREAT Meetup today with Webify Your Business author Patrick Schwerdtfeger. What a great guy, super info, high energy, great speaker! #
  • Thanks to @marismith for the great idea, I am importing my Twitter Favorites as RSS to my fan page Note tab on FB! #
  • Any local peeps need to work on web projects? Come to my house in the am for a Study Hall! #
  • This looks good for team project/collaboration. Anyone use them? #
  • Just held a great Study Hall at my house for online marketing – clients bring their laptop and work on projects or get some one on one help! #
  • doo de doo waitin on my Twitter webinar to start… You all should say Cheese cuz you’ll be starring in it. #
  • Whew! Son’s birthday today. Just got back from mini-golf (which was fun) but that arcade! So loud and busy, I am overstimulated. LOL #
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