@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-04 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • Working on my taxes! Am I the last one? Found some receipts I had misplaced. Yippee! #
  • New Post! @MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-03-28 – What’s Karen Tweeting About? http://ow.ly/16UPYH #
  • Our meeting invite is ready to go! Please click to RSVP to this great meeting! Only $5, and lots of opportunities… http://bit.ly/bI1Wzg #
  • I have a new tool for people who have a blog. Get Wordtracker's SEO Blogger add-on for Firefox browser. It opens a… http://bit.ly/anEcjM #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth's Blog: What teachers make http://bit.ly/cg7nZk #
  • Check out the Yahoo toolbar. It's pretty spiffy! I think I like it better than Google's! (shhh!) http://bit.ly/bCDDZ6 #
  • Oh wow the Involver youtube video tab is SOoooOooo much better than the youtube video box! Check it out, can add 2… http://bit.ly/b85lry #
  • Before you start blogging, read and comment on other blogs. Take note of what works and what doesn't! http://bit.ly/buj2WZ #
  • OK looks like there's new stuff in the layout on Twitter again! Kinda cool, what do you think? #
  • Helping clients and talking to prospective new ones today. Looking at my schedule and thinking hmmmm. I can do that! #
  • This teleclass looks worthwhile. Building your list in an authentic (non spammy) way, by Fabienne Fredrickson -… http://bit.ly/9ws64J #
  • It's not too late to get in on my Social Media webinar series, starting Thursday! They will be recorded so don't… http://bit.ly/djxa9P #
  • We are in full on stress mode here – me freaking out about a deadline, 15 y/o freaking out about homework she put off. Fun times. #
  • Strike SEO gold when you write copy for your product/services or blog posts: http://bit.ly/cbBefw #
  • Mmmmm chocolate!! @Makechocolates Give-Away Contest Details! Win some candy making supplies! Tell a friend!… http://bit.ly/a5EoWr #
  • Tap tap tap tap. Wondering when the boxes of my book will be here! Very exciting! Direct Selling Power, a power packed multi-author book! #
  • I am participating in the Business Breakthrough Program and highly recommend it! A new session starts next week!… http://bit.ly/dDuTmT #
  • Would anyone be interested in teleclasses vs. webinars in the future? You can always call in to a webinar but it… http://bit.ly/9xqLUQ #
  • Killin time, letting the little guy play! (@ Super Playground, Sebastopol) http://4sq.com/9qpoGW #
  • New Post! How to Use Post Tags in WordPress Blog Posts – It’s easy to overlook the little box (usually on the… http://ow.ly/16W5Rx #
  • Help – question! I am on a Mac but need to know what PC users to do a screen capture that saves as a jpg? Not to clipboard. THANKS Help! #
  • Just-released book Direct Selling Power can open doors to success: http://digg.com/d31N6Al?t #
  • Sonoma County ppl we are organizing a carpool: Transform your Business Obstacles into Cashflow – Darren Jacklin 4/7 http://meetup.com/u/2rJ #
  • SF Bay Area people, seriously good stuff here – Transform your Business Obstacles into Cashflow – Darren Jacklin 4/7 http://meetup.com/u/2rJ #
  • Patrick @schwerdtfeger Meetup is awesome! Meet you there?? April 7th in Emeryville, CA: http://meetup.com/u/2rJ #
  • This is great! RT @SEGuide SEO 101: Everything You Need to Know About SEO (But Were Afraid to Ask) – Part 1 – Sea.. http://bit.ly/9E75Rb #
  • Another FB change. I 'like' this one! RT @clickz Facebook Killing 'Become A Fan,' Embracing 'Like' – ClickZ http://bit.ly/cjmd3e #
  • Basic HTML code for your Static FBML pages on Facebook – http://bit.ly/4o0o7I (via @MyBizPresence) #
  • Wow! Pitchengine.com is an easy and search engine-friendly way to post press releases to social media sites. Check… http://bit.ly/d9TbbD #
  • Middle school band played then stayed! (@ Six Flags Marine World 1001 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo) http://whrrl.com/e/hmryb #
  • It's not too late to get in on my Fabulous Facebook Fan Pages webinar THURSDAY (today to most of you!) at 11am… http://bit.ly/d0dQWS #
  • Web-safe fonts: http://www.theinternetdigest.net/archive/websafefonts.html #
  • Gearing up for my Fabulous Facebook Fan Pages webinar Thursday 11am Pacific. Still time to join us! http://www.mybusinesspresence.com It's fab! #
  • Happy Friday everyone! Getting ready to host Easter dinner here. Wishing our heater hadn't died yesterday though! Space heaters abound. #
  • If you're in direct sales and haven't signed up for the DSWA's convention April 23 in L.A., you should! It's an… http://bit.ly/c6G9oR #
  • To check which/how many pages on your site or blog that you've mentioned a certain keyword, put this into the… http://bit.ly/b9O7AL #
  • Listen to an audio interview of me from Laurie Fitzgerald here. We talk about using social media for your sales… http://bit.ly/9Hvk9A #
  • Why auto-DMs (automatically sending direct messages to new followers) are a BAD idea on Twitter: http://bit.ly/dh7aaT #
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