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@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-12 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • New Post! @MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-04 – What’s Karen Tweeting About? #
  • Yummy salads! Lunch with Mom! (@ Sugo Trattoria) #
  • If you’re on Twitter and see hashtags (words with a # in front) and aren’t sure what they stand for, go here:… #
  • Want to carpool from Sonoma County? Transform your Business Obstacles into Cashflow – Darren Jacklin – #
  • What I am is what I am, are you what you are or not? #
  • Do you just need me to do it for you? I will! #
  • Reading ‘Why You Got Kicked Off Facebook – A Guide to the Facebook Robots’ here: #
  • Don’t get kicked off Facebook. Here’s how: #
  • Tomorrow Webify Your Business meetup is about using audio and video in your marketing online. One of our members,… #
  • SEO Tip: Any time you are putting a link on any site, forum, blog etc. If you are able to, use keywords as the… #
  • New Post! Video Marketing Resources – The following are some websites, tools and resources you can use to market yo… #
  • If you’ve been looking for someone to analyze your site and your competition’s sites and then thoroughly implement… #
  • Rockin and rollin, 11:45 pm and it’s time for the 2nd phase of my evening – catch up work!!!!! #
  • Trying a new webinar service, mitel, 2morrow. It’s pretty slick, & has a green meter, tells u how many emissions u’ve saved by mtg online. #
  • About to make screen shots for my Twitter webinar tomorrow. You’ll all be starring in the show! #
  • Well that was too easy! Twitter 101, downloadable text/slides for teaching Twitter! #
  • Here is our official meeting listing for April 21. Can you come? Bring friends! #
  • RT @Smallbiztrends Tips for Taking Your Business Online – Build It, Optimize It, Spread the Word #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #san_francisco_bay_area #speaker #trainer #
  • I am so excited about my Twitter webinar in an hour! Lots of great people are attending and I know I’ll see a lot more people on Twitter… #
  • Had a great Twitter webinar today with my Social Media Crash Course. Next week will be a popular session – Going… #
  • Direct Selling Power Club meets tomorrow in Rohnert Park 9am – #
  • You can check out my other Twitter (not used as actively these days!) at @funfelt I consider it my alter-ego!!! For more reasons than one! #
  • Happy Friday everyone! Hit 2 big deadlines so now the party’s starting! #
  • New Post! Local Search Engines – Here is some advice that will help you gain new customers and clients right in you… #
  • RT @clndrgrl Nationally Renowned Speakers and Companies to be at Social Media Conference (ME TOO!) : SocialBiz 2010 #
  • WOAH! @fourblogger you ROCK: 49 Best Youtube Tips,Tricks and Resources : #
  • This is an amazing list of tips and tricks for using YouTube: #
  • Enjoy your weekend! Do something to tweet about! #
  • This is a biggie – Google now uses how fast your website or blog loads as a factor in your page ranking. I think… #
  • .@fourblogger You are welcome. You are one of the internet’s best kept secrets!! Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge/experience #
  • Star Trek Exhibit and IMAX! So cool! (@ Tech Museum of Innovation w/ 3 others) #
  • New Post! Social Media Conference – Sonoma County, CA – Hi everyone! I will be speaking on three topics at this up… #
  • RT @Smallbiztrends Small Business Events and Webinars | Small Business Trends #
  • “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”– Robert T. Kiyosaki #
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