@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-18 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • New Post! How Much and How Big…? – I thought it would be helpful if I shared the character count limits and image s… http://ow.ly/172Jym #
  • I wonder if I can get to 500 fans this week? Click the Share+ button on this page to pass me on if you think your… http://bit.ly/9zdwzA #
  • New personal blog post: Tell Her She's Beautiful: http://www.karen-clark.com/ #
  • Happy Monday! What one online project are you going to make sure gets done this week? http://bit.ly/9qJ2gb #
  • Very excited to hear that @twilert is back! They're like google alerts but for Twitter! http://www.twilert.com #
  • Early response to the Direct Selling Power book has been overwhelmingly positive! We have a hit! Get yours and have… http://bit.ly/ctIAXQ #
  • It's 5am and I can't sleep. Should I just go for it and get a head start on my day? #
  • San Pedro Square Bistro & Wine Bar on #Yelp My husband and I went on a hot date to The Tech Museum of Innovation in… http://bit.ly/awoWGv #
  • My local Webify Your Business group is tomorrow, and the topic is the Blogosphere! What are the top questions about… http://bit.ly/9ufcvr #
  • RT @marketingprofs 13 'Old-School' Marketing Techniques That Take Your Facebook Fan Page From Wimp.. http://bit.ly/arTgkx #
  • Here are some great Fan Page tips! http://bit.ly/cytdWl #
  • RT @neighborhoodnow: Nationally Renowned Speakers-Social Media Conference: #SocialBiz2010 Lon Safko, Jenna Jantsch, Joey Shepp, Janet… #
  • Working on my public speaking business a bit today. I love teaching and inspiring others! #
  • Wow! We hit 500 today! Yay! Thanks everyone! And WELCOME to all my newest fans! Let me know how I can help you! http://bit.ly/ctlpSb #
  • Grace Brooke's time management class! (@ Starbucks) http://4sq.com/8XrdTp #
  • Did I read somewhere that the new Dreamweaver will be able to hand WordPress sites??? Can someone point me to that? #
  • So whose live did you contribute to today? I am looking for inspiration!! #
  • I wonder how hard it would be for Twitter to add a little flag next to the @s and DMs and RTs when there are new ones. #
  • If you're in the SF No. Bay come chat with us about blogging tomorrow @ the North Bay #Webify Your Business Club! http://www.northbaywebify.com #
  • Really great SEO stuff going on here: http://seooptimizations.com/ Love finding new people to read and learn from!! #
  • Join me + other Direct Selling Power Book co-authors at the Direct Selling Women's Alliance DSWA conference next week! http://dswa.org/karen #
  • Another great Twitter account to follow!! @googlewmc Google Webmaster Tools. Always sharing something new to try on your site!! Very cool. #
  • Our Webify Club meeting is about blogging tomorrow, and my FB fans get to join in too because I'm sharing a great… http://bit.ly/b57wbW #
  • Yikes! Check your permissions for your wp-config.php file! http://wordpress.org/development/2010/04/file-permissions/ #
  • Aha! 20 Essential Blog Directories to submit your blog to! http://bit.ly/cLbgUT #
  • Look! It's me! Karen! New picture!!! 🙂 #
  • Thursday at 11a PST is a webinar called Going Local: Using the Internet to Find Local Leads – hosted by me! Sharing… http://bit.ly/9iO2l4 #
  • Just did a speed test: http://bit.ly/bB3xon @makechocolates Was 7.4 now 4.8 secs THANKYOU #
  • I need help naming my next book. It's going to be a plain language guide (think beginners) to marketing your small… http://bit.ly/aTAVIs #
  • Teaching a webinar this morning about how to find local leads for your business using online sources, social media, and more! #
  • I just ousted @rigelbowen as the mayor of Super Playground, Sebastopol on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9qpoGW #
  • This is where you add your business to Foursquare: http://is.gd/buYUF #
  • Big push is on, lots to do before heading down to the Direct Selling Women's Alliance Celebration in L.A. next week! #
  • If you want to get NEW business by learning more about SEO, read this article: http://bit.ly/bTMRWt #
  • I am all about efficiency online, so here's my #followfriday contribution. Just follow my lists!! http://twitter.com/MyBizPresence/lists #
  • How to use Youtube for SEO: http://bit.ly/cra7ZO http://bit.ly/cqboIt #
  • Very handy app – compiles top tweets and trends based on your personal following/ers: http://is.gd/bwdwV #
  • Reminder that every post is a 1st impression 4 some1: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth's Blog: When a stranger reads your blog http://bit.ly/9RDMAh #
  • Lotta Youtube in da news 2day! Another new feature: http://bit.ly/d6BBnD #
  • On my http://www.funfelt.com site, I have never ever had paid ads/links (almost 12 years) all biz is organic. Thinking about adding them, though! #
  • I am open to ideas for monetizing this site http://www.funfelt.com other than product orders, want to streamline & cash in on oppty's more soon. #
  • Excellent post!! RT @kikolani HootSuite for Blogging – A Twitter Management Guide for Bloggers – Kikolani http://bit.ly/bjn9eA #
  • Wasn't WP's fault! Network Solutions admits fault: http://is.gd/bwqqO #
  • Save the date! FREE call – live on Facebook – Tuesday at 6 PST. Ask Karen Anything! Listen in, type in your… http://bit.ly/bgxQJu #
  • Looking for 4 more go getters who want to join us May 1st and 2nd for my weekend workshop! $50 referral bonus if… http://bit.ly/aYrJda #
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