@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-02 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • Gary Ryan Blair is explaining how to expand our reach! http://twitpic.com/1igrnh #
  • Gary Ryan Blair is explaining how to expand our reach! http://twitpic.com/1igrnh #dswaconf #
  • Learning about marketing from @debbixler now! #dswaconf pic: http://twitpic.com/1igvr2 #
  • The word 'sales' comes from a Scandinavian word that means 'to serve.' ~Deb Bixler #dswaconf #
  • In marketing ask what makes you a purple cow? What sets you apart? What 20 reasons are you the greatest thing since sliced bread? #dswaconf #
  • Your top 20 benefits are your toolbox you take w/you anywhere. Drop tools along your way.#dswaconf #
  • Bring strangers into your business. They're your VIPs! Use fairs, public speaking, schools/libraries, etc. #dswaconf #
  • There are no secrets to success – there are only systems and practice!!! ~Deb Bixler #dswaconf #
  • Millionaire Mavens Panel: Jan McDonough, Katrina Harris, Jeri Taylor Swade, VondelMcKenzie, Kim Miles. #dswaconf http://twitpic.com/1ih4lt #
  • Noah St. John is teaching us the Secret Code of Success. #dswaconf Pic: http://twitpic.com/1ihgm7 #
  • New Post! @MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-25 – What’s Karen Tweeting About? http://ow.ly/17aMrV #
  • Don't be shy about commenting on other people's blog posts. Ask questions too, give the author a chance to show off… http://bit.ly/cCnm0r #
  • Interesting little Apple stock info here! http://www.kyleconroy.com/apple-stock.php http://bit.ly/dhOZ9J #
  • What a great weekend that was! It was wonderful to have 6 people from our chapter there! I hope the rest of you can… http://bit.ly/bZMgsd #
  • My North Bay Webify Club is tomorrow morning, PLUS the evening group led by Kelly Loyd! We are growing! If you… http://bit.ly/9IfKLZ #
  • GREAT article – 21 ways to get fans. http://bit.ly/bz4J16 #
  • 20 great places to list your blog:… http://bit.ly/a9vHK7 #
  • How cool is this? One of my clients is going on a trip overseas for nearly a month. I'll be handling her social… http://bit.ly/bpzcUL #
  • It's not too late to show up at tomorrow's Social Biz 2010 conference! I met some of the other speakers tonight and… http://bit.ly/cNJOIo #
  • I'm at SocialBiz 2010 in Petaluma! Thus will be a great conference!! I'm teaching breakouts in the pm! Will be tweeting at #socialbiz2010 #
  • Dave Hersh from Jive says co. that use the new customer empowerment from social media to their advantage will thrive! #socialbiz2010 #
  • 85% of a co. value is in it's intangible assets. Imp. is in how good you are at facillitating the conversation abt it! #socialbiz2010 #
  • At the #socialbiz2010 conference. — at Sheraton Ballroom http://gowal.la/c/FUVr #
  • At #socialbiz2010 – Great conference in the North SF Bay Area (@ Sheraton Petaluma w/ 5 others) http://4sq.com/aD1JgO #
  • Next up @jfouts is discussing being realistic with your social media expectations. Big wins don't happen overnight. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Social media gives you an unfiltered view of the news vs. newspapers. If u rely only on trad'l news, you're missing stuff! #socialbiz2010 #
  • Use socialmention.com to research where ur market is engaging & participate in the main network where they are. Start w/one. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Another social media search is lazyfeed – real time keyword search on blogs, free. Thx @jfouts #socialbiz2010 #
  • Don't worry about where the sales come from. It's not always trackable in social media! Relax. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Next up @joeyshepp I'm excited cuz he's using @prezi for his talk! Wanted to see it in action. Topic= social media rules! #socialbiz2010 #
  • Twitter news travels so fast it means you can find out abt an earthquake b4 it reaches you! #socialbiz2010 @joeyshepp #
  • Are we shaping tech or is tech shaping us?? #socialbiz2010 How we use it affects community around us. Be responsible! @joeyshepp #
  • If you're not transparent they'll see right through you! @joeyshepp #socialbiz2010 Keep eye on full disclosure FTC policy. #
  • See cmp.ly for info on disclosure to codify your biz. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Next up @lonsafko author of the Social Media Bible. He gave us a paper project – roll the ball and do an sm task daily! #socialbiz2010 #
  • Correction, the social media task ball is a dodechahedron! All ideas are connected to 5 others! Cool tool from @lonsafko #socialbiz2010 #
  • Oooohh there's a rumor from @lonsafko that a new Social Media Bible is coming soon. Let's spread that rumor. LOL #socialbiz2010 #
  • Average age if gamers is 42! Wow. Pay attn to gaming in your marktg. @lonsafko #socialbiz2010 #
  • Blog blog blog and then blog. Everyone should be blogging!! Allows 2 way communic. and immense SEO implications. @lonsafko #socialbiz2010 #
  • Listen so you can keep doing what's right and stop doing what's wrong! @lonsafko #socialbiz2010 #
  • Lunch time panel discussion with questions from the crowd. Good food here at the Sheraton for lunch! #socialbiz2010 #
  • I think we are having a debate here about WordPress vs Blogger vs Joomla – fascinating! #socialbiz2010 #
  • The more personal you are on social media, the more interaction you will get. People want to talk to people! #socialbiz2010 #
  • Measure your conversation by tracking links in Twitter, on Facebook use the insights from your Fan Pages. Look for patterns. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Put links to your social media profiles in your email signature. Why don't you? Are you trying to keep it a secret? @lonsafko #socialbiz2010 #
  • Great thing abt FB &social networks is it is op-tin. Plus ppl can filter easily which means each opt-in is more valuable. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Search and filter is the future or discovery engines! @joeyshepp #socialbiz2010 #
  • FB pay per click ads let you not only zoom in on keywords but also on demosso you're ad goes to your ideal TYPE of person #socialbiz2010 #
  • LinkedIn is like professional rolodex ~43 mil ppl. Can see degrees of separation –> trusted network. Use the GROUPS too. #socialbiz2010 #
  • Thank you!!!! –>thank you Karen @mybizpresence! great info on fabulous FB pages. #socialbiz2010 /via @NapaChamber #
  • Had a great time at #socialbiz2010 Now setting up for my weekend online presence workshop in Rohnert Park! #
  • Setting up for my weekend workshop! Bringing in the flat screen TV. (@ Doubletree Hotel) http://4sq.com/7ZlSZE #
  • If you search on #socialbiz2010 on Twitter or tweetchat.com you'll see what you missed at today's conference! http://bit.ly/cOGYQ9 #
  • Come to "What is SEO and Why Should I Care?" Tuesday, May 11 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. REGISTER:… http://bit.ly/bu2ojG #
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