@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-30 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • Videos on all things WordPress! WordPress TV: http://wordpress.tv/ http://bit.ly/bv978D #
  • New Post! @MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-23 – What’s Karen Tweeting About? http://ht.ly/17tpHs #
  • Finally fixed up my Welcome landing page on FB! Added embedded video and everything! 🙂 Click the Welcome tab above… http://bit.ly/dCFCRw #
  • If you live in Sonoma County & would like a facial or your brows done, see my friend Cathy: http://bit.ly.cathykurt She's great! #
  • Self-hosted wordpress blogs are powerful! For many people, their blog posts show up ahead of their regular website… http://bit.ly/bJgC5m #
  • New Post! Cathy Kurt Aesthetics – Santa Rosa, CA – Hi everyone! As part of my Mind in Business class from Productiv… http://ht.ly/17ubDs #
  • I'm doing a free DSWA teleclass Tuesday 5pm Pacific – Going Local – How to get local leads using the Internet. Look… http://bit.ly/c7PmiF #
  • If you're in direct sales/party plan, I have a couple Facebook webinars coming up:… http://bit.ly/dhm9ks #
  • Hi everyone! We will be moving our invite system over to Meetup.com. Stay tuned as you'll all be invited to join… http://bit.ly/aGBlaV #
  • How many comments/replies in social media did you make today? http://bit.ly/bFU0AB #
  • New favorite wordpress.org plugin – TubePress. You can create a gallery of "favorite" videos from Youtube. If your… http://bit.ly/afljco #
  • Lurking in the shadows…too tired to tweet..again. #
  • Not happy that new tweetie/iPhone app only let's you access 1 acct. Will be using seesmic or hootsuite then. I liked tweetie. #
  • Twitter for biz – NYTimes article http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/27/business/smallbusiness/27sbiz.html?src=busln #
  • Check your Welcome/landing page if you have one. The size allowed for images has shrunk to 520px so if you had a… http://bit.ly/a9HBqv #
  • Had an in person consultation with a very excited client. We'll meet every 2 weeks to build her website together. 6… http://bit.ly/dit0hu #
  • How Search Engines Work: http://bit.ly/9znDWz #
  • Wondering who my next Bring Your Own Laptop party hostess will be… http://bit.ly/BYOLParty I'll come to you! #
  • Do not use Facebook's "Events" feature as a way to message people about something that isn't really an event. It's… http://bit.ly/cQWPel #
  • Are you a risk taker? Try some of these FB prototype applications: http://bit.ly/ahmr3g #
  • Oh my gosh – vote for my friends GREAT idea for a show: Simple Recipes for a Delicious Wardrobe – OWN TV http://bit.ly/dyL5yw #
  • Ooooh this is a handy dandy ping service. Submit your blog URL and feed URL and it sends it out to all the ping… http://bit.ly/9r4PX3 #
  • Thanks for joining us here, everyone! I hope you'll receive some value from what I share. Anything you wanna talk… http://bit.ly/9PYOqm #
  • Famous last words I am guilty of all the time – just click on stuff! It works for me! http://bit.ly/9h7isI #
  • Do you have an iphone or itouch? Check out this app that lets you post audio recordings (or any length) to… http://bit.ly/cRkF1O #
  • Have a great weekend everyone! Soak up the sun! http://bit.ly/b7Sxoo #
  • How to post to your WordPress blog. I made a little video: http://bit.ly/9OwhfX #
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