@MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-07-04 – What’s Karen Tweeting About?

  • How much is your website or blog worth? Interesting! http://is.gd/d6NDF #
  • FYI Due to an out of town speaking engagement (YESS) I need to cancel my August Wine and Websites. Moved it to… http://fb.me/AEq5lT6p #
  • New Post! @MyBizPresence Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-27 – What’s Karen Tweeting About? http://ht.ly/17Uo79 #
  • Part 2 of my Facebook class is Thursday – Going into how to make a Fan Page and customize it with FBML. Only $20…. http://fb.me/C26gjbdM #
  • Very useful – Free HTML editor. Create what you want in the WYSIWYG field, then click Source to see the HTML code…. http://fb.me/Aqewrwgp #
  • Staying cool with the kids. (@ North Salmon Creek Beach) http://4sq.com/cByLUY #
  • Meet my amazing team! http://www.mybusinesspresence.com/services/our-team/ http://fb.me/Dr9E2hun #
  • Do you have a "favicon" – Favorites Icon – on your blog/website? This is the little logo or picture that appears… http://fb.me/CmBdIxqi #
  • If you want to follow a fabulous hair stylist in Sonoma County, check out @simonesalon She is a hair magician! #
  • Help – anyone know why text would not be wrapping in a new wp 3.0 blog, using #thesis ? how to fix? #
  • In WordPress.org blogs, to make a particular post "sticky" to the front page, edit the post then click on… http://fb.me/zEfJTBFp #
  • I don't mind friend requests from people on my fan page – go ahead and ask. Just be sure to put something in the… http://fb.me/zJcDQbjx #
  • Have you ever had to do something icky or painful, and stayed up working all night so you wouldnt have to go to bed and think about it? #
  • To kill time tonight I think I will unfollow anyone who uses the words "explode your business" or "make money online." #
  • Ugh too many fires here lately: RT @sfnewsnow Barn Near Santa Rosa Destroyed By Fire http://bit.ly/c84yKT #
  • I used #Shazam to discover All In by Lifehouse http://shz.am/t51856960 #
  • Part 2 of my Facebook Training is tonight. You can jump in! Tonight is all about Fan Pages:… http://fb.me/BZMvDqWV #
  • I'm a contributing author in the Incredible Business Book coming out this Fall. Check out the chapters – what a… http://fb.me/CvPhGz6s #
  • I appreciate you. Each and every one of you. Your participation here warms my heart!!!! THANK YOU!!! #
  • Rafy's Pizzeria on #Yelp I needed a place to meet my my husband with the kids for dinner and decided to try Rafy's…. http://bit.ly/c6PrzY #
  • Tonight's Facebook Fan Page class was a hit. Join me next week for the most advanced one I've ever done – if… http://fb.me/C79mcsXh #
  • Saludos desde Puerto Vallarta! Have a great weekend everyone and happy 4th of July to my American amigos! #
  • People in Mexico are so entrepreneurial! Businesses everywhere! Makes us look like slackers in the US!! #
  • Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends! How will you celebrate? #
  • Resources for your Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/FacebookPages?v=app_7146470109 #
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