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Don’t Use Your Address on a Facebook Page Unless You’re a Local Business

Do not put your address on your Facebook PageSome advice for Facebook business pages: When you have a non-local business page on Facebook I do not recommend ever adding your address. Even if you know not to choose the “local business” category when setting up your page, putting your address in the Page Info somehow triggers the algorithm to only show your page and posts to people in your own area!

You may have some “super fans” who still see your posts because they’ve taught Facebook they like them due to engaging with you, but in general it REALLY affects your reach.

I cannot “prove” this and it’s nowhere in the Facebook instructions or help center etc. but time and again I work with clients who have either inadvertently done this (Facebook practically begs you to) or did it in order to get the Reviews feature and their pages suffer.

Test it yourself. Think of some brands or companies you may be involved with. Do a search within Facebook’s search box. If that brand or company page does not come up first, or at all, this could be why. Now go to the page itself (you may have to visit their website to get their Facebook link) and see if there is an address listed, a reviews tab or a map on their Page Info tab. If there is, chances are this is why you could not find the page. Further, if you’ve liked that page and aren’t in its local area, chances are you aren’t seeing its posts.

Many times these are pages with 1000s or 100,000s of “likes” and relatively low numbers of comments, likes and shares. I suspect this is why. This is why sometimes you do a search for a company or brand and you see everything else BUT the main page you are looking for – because that company has put their address info in. Some who are in direct sales experience this with their own corporate pages.

It might make sense if you are a storefront, restaurant, local service etc. There are other features local businesses may want and use. But for most of us who want to use the Internet to reach people around the country or world, it’s a mistake.

If you accidentally did this, you can remove the address and hours etc. but from what I am seeing this does not really “fix” the problem, or at least not right away. You can try changing your category to Brand/Product which does at least make the short description show up on the front instead of the map. I think that helps! Worst case scenario you can create a NEW page with the correct (non-local) category chosen and no address, title it exactly the same as the original, then request that Facebook merge the old into the new. You will lose your content but Facebook will bring over all the “likes” from the old page.

From the very beginning 7+ years ago when I started teaching direct selling representatives about Facebook I’ve always said do NOT choose a Local Business category. There’s no reason to. You aren’t a local business. You don’t want random Facebook people showing up at your doorstep. You don’t want to limit your business to only people in your own backyard. Unless you do?

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