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Online Team Meeting Format for Direct Selling Leaders

Online Team Meeting Format for Direct Selling Leaders

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Teresa Garrison and Lyndsey Baigent’s direct selling leader retreat weekend, Get the Advantage Leadership Academy in Dallas.

One of the presentations was by Lyn Conway who demonstrated how to use online tools such as to conduct online trainings, meetings and product demonstrations. She emphasized how important it is to stay connected on a personal level to your team and I loved that. Having built my former career in the field primarily through people I met online, I know what it is like to rely on technology to build community.

I thought this week I would share my personal outline for online meetings that I used when I was a field leader myself. You truly can build loyal community and excitement about your business among your team through virtual meetings, and they are a great solution for teams across the miles. I held online meetings every week and they became a great way for everyone to gather and get energized about their businesses!

This is an excerpt from my Online Meetings, Opportunity Nights, Rallies and Parties WOW Webinar handout.  For more specific guidance and do’s/don’ts as well as an outlines for a virtual Opportunity Night, purchase that webinar recording and notes! It’s great. It can be use by top direct selling leaders, or someone at the company home office to lead meetings company-wide.

Online Meeting Outline

Ideally this will be a 1 hour meeting but it can be abbreviated for shorter gatherings. Include specific instructions for accessing the meeting when you send the invitations, including whether phone or computer audio is required or if any special equipment is necessary.

Formats can be simple open Q/A or coaching, or featuring a Guest Expert, or just training, recognition, and announcements from you or other team members.

This is the format I usually used:

  • Have someone record attendance if that isn’t built into your system.
  • On-­Time Drawing ­? Thank them for coming and being on time. Have someone else (or use pick a number to choose someone to win an on-­?time drawing (supply item for example) that you mail to the winner.
  • Introduction/Announcements – If there are new people briefly introduce yourself as the leader, then remind them of company promotions/incentives going on or anything they need to be aware of (and maybe didn’t read the company emails!)
  • Success Story – Schedule this person ahead of time, or if no one is scheduled explain it and ask for volunteers. This can be someone sharing something they tried that worked, or share their Why Story, or something inspirational. Ask them to be specific so others can relate or duplicate what they’ve done.
  • Recognition for the week/month. You can use standard numbers but in my experience it is more effective the more personalized you can make it. You can tie this into the previous meeting’s training (ex: training was on booking shows – who has booked the most since last meeting) or reaching a personal goal, achieving a company incentive etc. Whatever you recognize, tell everyone to “clap” for each person. If using the chat room they can simply type in “clap clap” or “way to go” etc. They usually figure it out if you tell them to give that person a hand!
  • Training Topic – This can be typing, talking, demonstrating on video, showing on a PDF or powerpoint, playing a video, or screen sharing. Throughout the training whenever you can, ask a simple question to keep it interactive, either for them to share ideas or a pop quiz type question. One idea for a fun meeting is to do a trivia game. Ask them questions about the company, the comp plan, the hostess program etc. Give them points for answering first correctly (you will have to record these with tally marks the old fashioned way,) and the one with the most points wins a prize.
  • Question/Answer Time ­? Let them pick your brain or get ideas from others. You can restrict it to this meeting’s topic or leave it open, depending on how much time is left.
  • End with a WOW – Have them share what is one thing they will accomplish Within One Week
  • Remind them of the next meeting and say goodbye!

Have you been holding virtual meetings? How have they gone? What have you found works best? I’ve shared just a few tips here, be sure to check out the rest in the WOW Webinar.


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  1. Lucy on April 8, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    I haven’t yet set up a virtual meeting but it is on my list of things to do — thanks for the info!

    • Karen Clark
      Follow me on Twitter: mybizpresence
      on April 8, 2014 at 8:03 pm

      You are welcome Lucy! Let me know how it goes once you try one!

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