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I’m a Party Plan Person. Why Do I Need an Online Presence?

My Business is Great! Why Do I Need This?

Conducting and promoting a direct sales business is not, under any circumstances, something that should replace your home party sales, person-to-person contact, or opportunity interviews. Nothing replaces meeting, calling, and connecting with people live and in person. Your return will always be far greater when there is a personal connection and those are tried and true strategies in this profession because they work! I always tell my clients that establishing an online presence is something you do after your offline business is taken care of, after your calendar is full. Since your efforts online do not typically pay off overnight, it is wise to keep your focus on your offline business while building an online presence. So why should you even bother?

The first reason is that this is a new era. As of June 30, 2009, 73.9 percent of all Americans used the Internet on a regular basis*. This is nearly a 140 percent increase since the year 2000, and it continues to climb. People are using the Internet on a daily basis to shop, interact, and research. As a direct seller, it is important to know that some of that shopping, interacting, and researching is about YOU! Whether you have a personal online presence or not will determine who they find when they are looking for you. When a prospective new consultant is considering joining your team, she may look in the search engines for your name and company affiliation. What will she find? When a potential customer is considering purchasing from your company, she may look online for what other customers have said about your company or your product. What will she find? More and more these days, customers, hostesses, and team members prefer communicating online either to ask questions or to give feedback. Do you have a way for them to do that? Paying attention to your online presence helps you ensure your clients find what they are looking for.

The second reason it is worthwhile to build an online presence is so that you can serve more people, all across the USA or in some cases, the world. Not only will you be able to expand your business to a new town, region, or state, but you can use the many online tools to better serve those you reach long-distance. Whether it is through sharing information or ideas for your product with your customers, or keeping in touch and recognizing your team, using the resources online to enhance their experiences with you and your company helps solidify the trust and loyalty you may be establishing.

Lastly, having an online presence is a reputation-builder! Using things such as a blog, or social media sites, enables you to become known as an expert in your market, which builds credibility. Just your presence online shows that you are treating your business like a business, since almost every credible business in your community has some form of online presence. In addition, what you say, how you conduct yourself, and the ways in which you serve people online will show the world just the kind of person you are so they can decide whether to do business with you.

*From Internet World Stats:

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