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Pinterest Training

Pinterest Training Video by Karen ClarkIs Pinterest the social media landscape’s latest shiny object? It attracts and distracts people – especially women – as fiercely as the latest must-have bling! If you have not yet heard of it – you will. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks, and with over 72 million users it is a powerful place to build a social media presence for your business.

Pinterest is a way to share links and information via images associated with them, or to share beautiful, inspiring or funny photos or videos with your friends. The vast majority of Pinterest users are women and the most fascinating statistic to me is that Pinterest users on average purchase items they discover on the social site at a rate DOUBLE that of Facebook. Shiny object? Or powerful opportunity?

If Pinterest users are simply sharing things they like with their friends, how can entrepreneurs use this for business as a marketing tool, without spamming, breaking any rules, or annoying their friends?

Join me in this training video where you will learn not only what Pinterest is and is not, but also how to use it personally and professionally to build your business.


•    How to set up and optimize your Pinterest account and individual boards
•    Best practices for using Pinterest in general and how to pin by the rules
•    How to apply my 911 rule to encourage comments, likes and re-pins
•    Additional tips for list-building, sales conversion, and increasing website traffic

You will receive a custom link to the video for immediate viewing when you purchase and have lifetime access to this training.

Pinterest Training Video
53 minute video training on using Pinterest for business, covers the basics of setting it up as well as what to post, and how, with suggestions for additional tools and tips for effectiveness.
Price: $40.00

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