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Online Meetings, Opportunity Nights, Rallies and Parties for Direct Sales

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In my 12 years as a direct selling Leader, 5 of which was spent as the company’s Director of Consultant Development, I had to learn quickly how to support a long distance team. Early on we started holding team meetings and opportunity calls through chat rooms – and it worked!

Now with today’s technology there is even more you can do to serve direct sales and network marketing customers, team, and prospects from the comfort of your – and their – homes! In this unique webinar you will learn not only the technology tools you can use to accomplish this, such as webinars, teleclasses and tweetchats, but I will give you the actual meeting formats I have had success with. You will learn:

  • How to set up, invite and conduct online meetings and product parties or demos
  • How to get people to show up to an online meeting and encourage them to stay
  • Engage prospective recruits in a structured interactive exploration of your business opportunity
  • Cautions and concerns about conducting traditional “home parties” online
  • How to hold a fun, informative and interactive half or full day virtual rally for your team

Please note that this is a recorded webinar/video which you will watch in your Internet browser. Upon purchase you will receive an email with your password to the private recording and webinar notes.  You will receive at least ONE Action Step to commit to when the webinar is through, and a link to supporting materials.

What makes this training unique?

  1. Get the latest up-to-date information – live on the web. No PowerPoint slides!
  2. Learn from someone who uses this tool on a daily basis to connect with people and build her business.
  3. You will learn ALL you need – no upselling to get to the “real” course on these techniques.
  4. For those in direct sales, you will be learning from someone who gets your industry! Everything I teach can be used or easily adapted for you!
  5. You have lifetime access to the replay video and show notes/instructions, including any revisions as the tools/techniques evolve.
  6. With action steps and built in accountability – you’re more likely to DO it!
  7. NO SALES PITCH! You bought this webinar for the content, not to be pitched. It’s ALL training!

Conducting Online Meetings
Conducting Online Meetings
Recorded Webinar
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