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Savvy Sponsoring

The Savvy Sponsor - Direct Sales Training by Karen ClarkAre you in direct sales or network marketing but frustrating with your sponsoring efforts?

Everyone says that building a team is the best way to grow a long lasting and lucrative business, but it isn’t that easy!

Are you open to learning a new way to sponsor with ease?

What if I told  you that in about 10 weeks’ time you could be sponsoring with confidence and integrity and signing 4 out of 5  business prospects?

The Savvy Sponsoring course by Karen Clark in cooperation with the Global Experts Accelerator will teach you to:

  • Shift the way you see yourself, your business and what you have to offer others
  • Reach a level of productivity and achievement that reflects your growing leadership
  • Access your personal power so you attract people who are the best fit for your team
  • Rewrite your success blueprint while allowing you to be 100% YOU as you grow your business

Having the best product, compensation plan, marketing materials or scripts is not what creates successful leaders. YOU, the knowledge and experience you bring and what’s truly in your heart are the only things that determines your personal and financial success.

Facebook parties for direct salesUnderstanding that true success comes from mastering both who you are being as well as what you are doing, we’ve designed this program to create powerful shifts in both so that you start growing your business naturally and authentically.

We’ve designed this course so you move into empowered action…

• Even if you’re not completely clear about all the details of your product or your plan…

• Even if you’re struggling with negative self-talk, self-doubts and low self-esteem…

• Even if you have only a few hours to devote to your business each week…

Here’s a summary of what you’ll experience in the Savvy Sponsoring course

Five Comprehensive Training Modules including…

1. Ten engaging trainings which guide you through mastering the Four Cornerstones of Direct Selling Success using a combination of online and offline strategies

2. Ten easy-to-follow outlines to keep you focused on your next steps to success

3. Five SS LIVE community connection sessions where we celebrate wins, answer questions and tackle blocks which may arise, with guest coach Debbie Ternes.

4. Six Months access to the Savvy Sponsoring learning platform and private social media group

The 4 Cornerstones

Traditionally the cornerstones in any lasting structure are the first stones set in the foundation, to which other stones will be set in reference. In the Savvy Sponsoring course, each Module is centered around one of the 4 Cornerstones:

  1. Engage an Empowering Mindset

  2. Embrace Purposeful Prospecting

  3. Conduct Intentional Interviews

  4. Pump Up Your Personal Power

Plus enjoy an introductory Orientation Module where you will reflect on and record your starting point, and a Graduation Module where you will be asked to assess your progress before receiving your graduation certificate.

Are you ready to say YES to your success?

Savvy Sponsoring Online Course
Includes 4 powerful training modules, live support calls, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, accountability and a supportive online community group. Although designed to be completed in 10 weeks, you will receive 6 months access to the online learning portal to complete at your own pace, renewable for a deep discount. Read full description by clicking the title above.
Price: $297.00


What Will You Learn in Each Module?

Module 1: Engage an Empowering Mindset

During this module, you’ll also discover how to…

  • Start your day with a greater sense of ease, purpose and joy.
  • Create a compelling vision for your life and business that encompasses all the things you value and desire
  • Quiet your Inner Critic that  keeps you from feeling good and taking powerful steps toward your goals
  • Create a daily practice that shores you up for the day and empowers you to handle whatever comes your way
  • Make smarter choices about where to invest your time for greater results and increased productivity
  • Align your direct selling business with your vision, values and purpose
  • Learn to access a more positive mindset whenever you find yourself drifting toward habits that don’t support your vision
  • Establish daily habits that enrich your life and keep you happy, healthy and excited to grow your direct selling business.
  • Be more mindful about who you invite into your life, so you have a powerful and loving “circle of support”

Module 2: Embrace Purposeful Prospecting

In this module, you’ll discover how to…

  • Connect offline and online networking with your big vision so you approach it with renewed enthusiasm
  • See networking for the “gift of connection” that it truly is
  • Move beyond any fear of appearing pushy or sales-like when networking offline and online
  • Know what to do in any networking situation to help you and others feel valued and at ease
  • Create a variety of dialogues you can lean into when meeting others for the first time
  • Discover underutilized areas of your life where you can expand your network in a natural way
  • Be naturally responsive in conversations to be sensitive to each individual’s needs and interests
  • Design a system for tracking all your new connections so that nobody falls through the cracks

Module 3: Conduct Intentional Interviews

In this Module you will discover how to…

  • Master the “art of the interview” by making it comfortable, meaningful and fun for prospects
  • Align with your purpose so you speak, think and behave authentically when interviewing prospects
  • Use the interview process to uplift, affirm and instill confidence in your prospect
  • Move beyond rapport and into relationship building with your prospect
  • Ask powerful questions that open prospects up to sharing what they need and want
  • Listen for the clues that reveal how your income opportunity can best serve your prospect
  • Gently pinpoint the challenges that your product or opportunity can solve
  • Overcome resistance by making them a partner in the process rather than a bystander
  • Soothe concerns while actually supporting prospects to get what they want
  • Bring the interview to a comfortable conclusion so you can identify the right next steps

Module 4: Pump Up Your Personal Power

In this Module you will learn how to…

  • Set clear actionable intentions that will move you toward achieving your goals and dreams
  • Create benchmarks (mini goals) to keep you on track along the way to your goal
  • Identify the empowering action steps within each benchmark that will lead to your success
  • Determine what support you will need to achieve your goals and work your business while living your life with ease and peace
  • Fine-tune your systems for managing your weekly and daily to-dos, business contacts, projects and communications
  • Develop the habit of using your system to manage your life and business more effectively


KarenClarkHeadshotCircle300When you become a member of the Savvy Sponsoring course, you are entitled to jump on any of the exclusive SS LIVE sessions with Karen to ask a question, get support or celebrate a win. And should you not be able to make it… the SS Live sessions are recorded and archived in the Additional Resources section of the online training center.

I understand that as a participant I will receive the following:

  • The Savvy Sponsoring Pre-course Orientation designed to help you assess where you are now and where you  want to be 6 months from now. ($97 value)
  • Six months access to our online learning center where you’ll find resources, support, action steps and inspiration 24/7. ($97 value)
  • Eight powerful training sessions during which Karen shares proven strategies and systems for mastering the four cornerstones of direct selling success. ($797 value)
  • Five SS LIVE sessions where you can go for insights, inspiration, answers and support, 4 of which include group coaching by Master Certified Life Coach, Debbie Ternes. ($897 value)
  • Membership in our private online community for 6 months, enabling you to stay connected and on track toward your goals 24/7. ($197 value)
  • Bonus trainings from Karen and guest direct selling experts. ($497 value)
  • Weekly Intention Tracker to help you reflect and commit to your intentions and hold you accountable. ($180 value)

Social Media Assessment for Direct SellersIf you add it all up, everything we are offering in this course is valued at well over $2,600. At a $297 registration price, this is an incredible discount. Why would I do that? Because I believe passionately in the power of the direct selling profession to change lives for the better and I know from personal experience that team building is the key. I also know that many trainings out there on “recruiting” emphasize the “numbers game” and techniques that I consider inauthentic or even spammy.

I am on a personal mission to uplift the reputation of the direct selling profession and the more people I help learn to sponsor from the heart, understand what’s holding them back, and discover sponsoring strategies that are both ethical and effective in building their teams, the closer I am to achieving that mission. Join us today. You are worth it!

Savvy Sponsoring Online Course
Includes 4 powerful training modules, live support calls, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, accountability and a supportive online community group. Although designed to be completed in 10 weeks, you will receive 6 months access to the online learning portal to complete at your own pace, renewable for a deep discount. Read full description by clicking the title above.
Price: $297.00

Is money tight? Try our 2-payment plan through PayPal:

Savvy Sponsoring Online Course 2-Payment Plan $317 TOTAL
Includes 4 powerful training modules, live support calls, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, accountability and a supportive online community group. Although designed to be completed in 10 weeks, you will receive 6 months access to the online learning portal, renewable for half price. Read full description by clicking the title above. This option will require 50% now ($158.50), and 50% in 30 days ($158.50) paid automatically through your CC or PayPal for a total of $317.
Price: $158.50

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Karen is known for her social media training, is any of that included in this course?

A: Technology tools, strategies and techniques are woven within the training, and some additional Bonus Trainings are included. Read Karen’s Books for detailed social media training.


Q: Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the training?

A: If after 30 days access you are not satisfied with the program, you may request a credit toward another training, product, or personal consultation, less a $20 processing fee. This request must be in writing sent directly to our mailing address. Due to the nature of the online course, purchase of this program is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Q: Is Karen available to speak to my team or corporate event on this topic?

A: At this time Karen’s professional speaking engagements are focused on social media marketing as the primary topic although she has several programs for using technology for sponsoring, supporting and leading your team, based on her second book, Social Media for Direct Selling Leaders. Contact Karen directly for information about booking her as a speaker at your direct sales events.


Q: Am I imagining this or does this course sound very familiar?

A: Having been trained by the best years ago, and building her own organization to over 600 party plan company team members using these systems, Karen was able to license the bulk of this training on which her career was built from its creator, Jane Deuber. If you have been in the direct selling profession or involved with Jane’s direct selling training from years past, this updated version of her sponsoring program may be familiar. Of course, today you will be learning from your current perspective based on new experiences and will find success with this newly updated version.


Q: I am very busy and not sure I will have time to keep up with this course. What happens then?

A: We have designed the course to be self-paced. When you enter the learning center you will learn that the platform we built the course on allows you to work through the modules in as little as 6 weeks or as long as 12 weeks. However, because we know that sometimes “life happens” or that business can be busy seasonally, we give you an additional 12 weeks access to the platform with your registration. If you still find you need more time, you will be offered the opportunity to renew for another 6 months at half price.


Q: Can I tell people on my team or others in direct sales about this?

A: Of course. In fact, if you would like you may even sign up as one of my referral partners and receive a small bonus when someone you refers enrolls in the course. Follow the instructions here to get involved. If you would prefer not to, you are still welcome to share the link to this course with any you feel may benefit from the knowledge presented in the modules. I appreciate you sharing!