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Newspaper Announcements for Your Business

An easy way to get publicity for your business is a newspaper Announcement. These are little blurbs that go into your newspaper’s business section where you’ll see so and so is the new CEO of such and such company. We’ve all seen those. They have them in the regular paper and also business newspapers, chamber of commerce news, association news, alumni news. YOU can have your name and picture there as well – any time you achieve something noteworthy in your company or any organizations you belong to, or take on a new role, or some other newsworthy event in your business.

Good newspaper announcements include 4 sentences:

The 1st sentence has your name, your company and what you are announcing. For example one I actually sent out a couple years ago was Karen Clark  announces winning the Spirit Award of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

The 2nd sentence should be about what you ARE. Karen is an Executive National Director with such and such company and is also the Sonoma Marin DSWA chapter director.

The 3nd sentence is what you DO – what you specialize in. Karen Clark  specializes in supporting work at home business women through monthly chapter meetings held in Rohnert Park.

The 4th sentence is a brief bio sentence – Karen has 12 years direct selling experience, is a teacher in Sonoma County schools and is active in the Rohnert Park mothers’ club. Her website is…..

Include a current photo of yourself and email it to the newspaper. Usually in the business announcement section of their website or print edition they’ll include the contact for where to send your news. Do a new one every 60 days or so – they are great and you’ll find as you network out and about people will say they saw you and your business in the paper and congratulate you!

Have you sent an announcement to the paper before? Did anyone see it? Share your success stories!

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  1. Kim on March 25, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Karen – I just found you & your resources & am grateful for your awesome ideas! There’s a local newsletter publication that does this kind of thing that I had thought about submitting something for, but wasn’t sure exactly what I should write. Your guidance here will help me in putting something together!
    Thank you!

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