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Social Madness – Vote for My Business Presence

Vote for My Business Presence in Social Madness CompetitionWe are honored to be in the running to win $10,000 for charity as part of the Business Journal’s Social Madness competition. This contest is unique in that during a set time, they are measuring the growth of each company’s online presence. It first starts out as a local competition through the San Francisco Business Times and then the field will be narrowed and regional representatives will compete in a national competition. There will be one $10,000 winner from each of three categories – small, medium and large businesses.

My company, My Business Presence, is competing in the Small Business Category and is presenting a good showing so far! But I could use your help in qualifying for the next bracket!

The charity I will donate my winnings to is the University of California – San Francisco Medical Center.  This hospital is near and dear to my heart for several personal reasons. Throughout my life I have been grateful for and visited this exceptional facility many times, once for a friend’s child who had brain cancer, once for my nephew who was born with severe heart defects, and now for my daughter who is suffering from mysterious gastrointestinal pain. My grandmother and other family members and friends have been treated at “UC” for breast cancer and other ailments. UCSF is world-renowned medical facility and their Children’s Hospital is unparalleled. Although a public hospital, UC receives only 8% of it’s funding from state funds. It relies on charitable donations to conduct it’s pioneering efforts in medicine. I want to help.

Help me to help UCSF Medical Center. There are 4 ways you can help me:

  1. Vote for MY BUSINESS PRESENCE (no registration required) at
  2. Next to the VOTE button are links to my social media presences. Click on each one and add, follow, or like me! You may already be on one or the other but especially check the LinkedIn as it is for a new Company Page. Each new fan on Facebook, or follower on Twitter or LinkedIn counts as an additional vote.
  3. Click one of the buttons on the bottom of this post, or click the Share or Retweet when you see my posting on social media, and share with your network. It only takes a couple of seconds to vote for me and it could make a big difference to UCSF Medical Center and mean so much to me.
  4. Watch for the next round and when I make it to the second or third brackets I will be asking you to vote again. Thank you in advance!

I love a challenge and am taking this one seriously. Knowing that I have an opportunity to give back to an organization that has and continues to touch my life and improve the lives of others means I will not give up till I win! Please help. Thank you so much!

Find out more about Social Madness and be sure to also vote for deserving businesses in the Medium and Large company categories.

  • Phase 1: Local Open Competition: 6/1-6/18
  • Phase 2: Local Bracket Competition: 6/19-7/16
  • Phase 3: National Bracket Competition: 7/24-9/10

National winners will be announced on September 11th!

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